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August 06, 2012

Gettis could be back this week


David Gettis has been a familiar sight at the Panthers' training camp practices, stretching, running, consulting with trainers – always on the sideline.

But Ron Rivera said trainers are optimistic the Panthers' third-year wideout could be back on the field by the end of the week.

It won't be in time for Gettis to play in Saturday's exhibition against Houston. But it's a step for a player who has been out since tearing his ACL here last summer.

“The biggest thing about David is just continuing to work and see how those things go. It’s one of those things that are still bothering him. And the hard part is it’s on the leg that’s bothering him, on the knee that was repaired so you really have to be careful,” Rivera said Monday.

“He can’t do limited things with us in terms of offensively so he’s had to work to the side and just trying to push himself through. … Maybe in the next 4-5 days we’ll be able to get him out there. But it won’t give him time to prepare to play in the first preseason game.”

Gettis, on the active/physically unable to perform list, is expected to compete with Louis Murphy, Seyi Ajirotutu and others for the No. 3 wideout spot when he gets back.

Rivera said three injured players are expected to return to practice tonight: CB Josh Norman (hamstring), DT Ron Edwards (knee) and WR Lamont Bryant (hamstring).

--Joseph Person

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This is promising news. I said it when he was at Baylor (prior to becoming a Panther)- David has a disarming glide in his break away speed that looks the same as Randy Moss. Both are about the same size too. With Cam throwing the ball this could be dream offense.

Just like TD, David should not rush to get back. It will come back in time.

Posted by: charlesbright | Aug 6, 2012 2:35:39 PM

Just like the above comment says, Gettis should not rush to come back. Even though the injury occurred a year ago, you don't want him to rush back and start to pull a "Thomas Davis" on us. We have Murphy, Tutu, Pilares and Adams. Were straight on WRs.

Posted by: Godwin Ozoeneh | Aug 6, 2012 2:50:35 PM

attorneybloodsuckers writes:
Word is Obama will push for European football to replace American football. Look at what his crowd did to boxing.

That has to be the dumbest, most idiotic, harebrained thing I've ever seen posted here.

Posted by: Al | Aug 6, 2012 3:29:08 PM

Armanti for 3rd string QB!

Posted by: lee | Aug 6, 2012 4:28:57 PM

Armanti for 3rd string QB!

Posted by: AHicks | Aug 6, 2012 5:17:28 PM

Armanti for 3rd string QB! Drop Jimmy

Posted by: leroy | Aug 6, 2012 5:18:18 PM

Go Panthers!!! As fans, we need to show more support and faith at games. That means buy tickets, and don't allow opposing fans to dominate our stadium. When our defense is on the field be LOUD, not just on third downs (be loud every damn down), and for the love of god shut up when our offense is on the field. Don't leave the game early if our team is down, because they might make a comeback and could use our help by making noise. You paid for the ticket, might as well enjoy the entire game. As fans, lets do our part to support the team 100%. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!

Posted by: PanthersFan | Aug 6, 2012 6:00:59 PM

@attorney bloodsuckers <- This is why comments should be filtered. Poor spelling, politics in a sports blog, and just being stupid in general..

Posted by: catsnmbr1fan | Aug 6, 2012 7:01:44 PM

@charlesbright & Godwin Ozoeneh--Love it! GO PANTHERS!!!

Posted by: BofA Fan | Aug 6, 2012 8:03:07 PM

@charlesbright & Godwin Ozoeneh--Love it! GO PANTHERS!!!

Posted by: BofA Fan | Aug 6, 2012 8:03:34 PM

Armanti for Harris Teeter Bagger of the Month! I take paper over plastic, please...yes, I recycle.

Armanti, there's always Penn State, since you still have real FBS college eligibility...App State doesn't count, since they are a co-ed, flag football club. How you ever got drafted by Hurney, I'll never know. Enjoy being a millionaire.

Posted by: Kurly K smokes baloney | Aug 7, 2012 4:15:29 AM

Saints got what they were dishing out!

Posted by: 10-4!! | Aug 7, 2012 9:21:38 AM

@The Fat Lady, please shut up. You have no idea what your talking about. These athletes are the best at what they do in the world, and they are smarter than they look. If you truly believed in Capatlism you would understand that these players are not overpaid, there worth to the organization and the money they help these owners make is much more than they earn. They are paid by what the open market values there ability. You can't say that they are overpaid while Limbaugh is one of the most idiotic and ridiculous people who actually have an influence. Many of these athletes also give million and millions of dollars to charity, so dont hate asshole

Posted by: Matt | Aug 7, 2012 10:27:36 AM

The players are paid for their entertainment value just as the actors and actresses in Hollywood are paid . It's not the amount of time that they are at work that matters; it's the quality of their product that is valued. Even you liberal idiots should be able to understand this. Limbaugh's complaint was that this has become a target of the liberal media and is doomed for a big fight to keep football as it has been . The erroneous assumption they want us to believe is that football "needs to be fixed".He says that the announcers and commentators who emphasize this as a point of need for the powers that be to correct are effectively wrecking their own livelihood. So just don't believe it and ignore them .It's like they want to ruin our game just like they've ruined our country. Ignore them and also ignore "The Fat Lady" and all these Saints fans . They'll find the truth on the football field this year. GPKP !!

Posted by: Mainone | Aug 7, 2012 3:20:09 PM

Well said, Al !!!

Posted by: nasty704 | Aug 7, 2012 3:46:26 PM

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