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September 09, 2012

Fourth quarter: Medlock field goal cuts Tampa Bay lead 16-10, but rally falls short

TAMPA --A 23-yard field goal by Carolina Panthers kicker Justin Medlock cut Tampa Bay's lead to 16-10 with just under three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

      That capped an 86-yard drive led by Cam Newton.

       The Panthers, needing a stop to get the ball back and have a chance to win, used two of their three timeouts before allowing a first-down completion from Josh Freeman to Vincent Jackson on third and 3. The Bucs were able to run out the clock from there. 

      The Panthers (0-1) host New Orleans next Sunday.


Tampa Bay kicker Connor Barth kicked his third field goal of the game as the Bucs capitalized on a Carolina mistake to take a 16-7 lead over the Panthers with 7:58 to play in the fourth quarter.

The field goal was set up by a blocked Carolina punt by Tampa Bay's Aqib Talib, the third big second-half mistake by the Panthers, following two Cam Newton interceptions.



Third quarter

The Carolina Panthers cut the Buccaneers lead to 13-7 after three quarters with a 22-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Brandon Lafell Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

       The touchdown was set up by a Newton pass to Steve Smith, who was wide open on a crossing pattern and absorbed a huge hit along the sideline.

     The touchdown, the fifth of Lafell's career, came on the next play.

     The second half was delayed briefly by lightning and heavy rain.

      The Panthers ended the third quarter with Newton throwing his second interception, by Ahmad Black.


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Wow. Panthers look sluggish. Just don't look like they were ready for this.

Posted by: Reali Tee | Sep 9, 2012 6:57:52 PM

One how does Murphy keep his job? Two, how does Hurney keep his job year in and year out?

Posted by: Steven | Sep 9, 2012 7:06:01 PM

What a pitiful performance. No line play worth a hoot on either side of the ball. Panthers get your act together, or we're looking at less wins than last year. Quit taking out ads and get your game together.

Posted by: jennyjohnsonjones repubhater | Sep 9, 2012 7:07:50 PM

When will you panther fans realialize the panthers just aren,t any good. They got no defense. they got no offense, they're just a 3rd rate practice squad. They need to be moved to another city with another owner who's no in love with Hurney!!!!!

Posted by: Edward Jett | Sep 9, 2012 7:13:55 PM

Marty Hurney, the one person that is always here, anyone see the problem? Jerry Richardson does not.

Do us a favor, go back to being a beat writer Marty.

Posted by: Steven | Sep 9, 2012 7:23:54 PM

Well, that is twice now in the last couple of weeks that Tampa has come out on top of Charlotte...

Posted by: zepica | Sep 9, 2012 7:32:40 PM

Very very poor blocking by the offensive line and poor play by Newton. Although the defense played poor, they did come up with 3 straight stops in the 2nd half and our offense couldn't punch it in.

Posted by: RYAN | Sep 9, 2012 7:38:13 PM

When does Jerry Richardson change directions in the front office? Hurney does not have the background to build a team. He has tried for 10 years and failed.

Posted by: Steven | Sep 9, 2012 7:45:04 PM

so much for that "all pro" offensive line....offensive!

Posted by: Valerie Jarrett | Sep 9, 2012 8:21:56 PM

Ron Rivera . Charity case head coach. He is terrible. Cheap coach equals bad coaching Jerry. I guess this is a failed experiment. Maybe we need replacement coches. Watch next week as the make shift coaching staff from NO. out coaches charity case Ron. Hey Ron quit smiling and grinning when your performance as a head coach today was awful. It looks like you are clueless.

Posted by: tomb43 | Sep 9, 2012 8:28:00 PM

^LOL. Charity case Ron. Thats funny. Maybe its true. Maybe we were sucked into believing Rivera is the answer. Maybe it was just a relief of having Fox gone, but so far, Rivera seems to be all talk. And he appears to be a timid coach, not wanting to go for it on 4th down, punting and kicking field goals. This is not what this team needs.

Posted by: defensewinsgames | Sep 10, 2012 5:28:03 AM

Would you hire a chef to fill a cavity? Would you hire a lawyer to operate on your heart? Then why do we have a journalist running our football team, and doing a poor job at it. Marty Hurney took control of the Panthers the same year John Fox became head coach. Hurney has now stayed 2 years past Fox, who made the playoffs last year and just last night beat the team that we want to be modeled after. Defenders of Hurney always state his first round successes, but I would argue that those “successes” have not panned out over the last five years. Going back to 2005, the year that they took Thomas Davis with the 14 pick of the first round, Davis played out of position for 3 years, spending time at the safety position, before spending two wasted years at the strong side linebacker position, which in turn may have caused his knee problems, based on the added weight. In 2006 he drafted DeAngelo Williams, a good pick, but a pick based on the fact that the Panthers were caught with their pants around their ankles in Seattle three months earlier. In 2007 he added Jon Beason and Ryan Kalil, both good picks, but we cannot forget Dwayne Jarrett. A year later, want seemed to be good pick in Otah turns out to be guy that would suit up around 30 over the next 4 years. Of course, we can’t forget giving up a 1st round pick for a second round player in Everett Brown.
Even if you try to defend Hurney on his first round picks, there would be no defense for what he has done in the draft in rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5. The names of Shelton, Edwards, Ellison, Nelson, Martin, Jarrett, Lafors, Robinson, Robinson, Hogan, Mathis, Butler, Salley, Irvin, Goodson, Fiammetta, Clausen, Norwood, Fua, and McClain are killing any chance of having a playoff roster. The building blocks of the future defensive tackle position, Fua and McClain are bust. McClain was the 65th pick of the draft last year and is already on the street. Marty Hurney always states that he wants to build through the draft, well; you can’t do that when you do not have the background to identify players. Let us not forget that the Super Bowl team was made up of the previous regime’s “core” players and a lot of veteran free agents.
When you take into account Hurney’s poor draft performance and his inability to handle contracts of the current players on the roster, this is little reason to wonder why this team has only made the playoffs three teams during the last decade. Everyone knows about the ludicrous contract of Delhomme, but look at the current roster. We are paying Charles Johnson Julius Peppers money, for Mike Rucker production. We are paying Charles Godfrey top 5 safety money, for him to celebrate tackles 30 yards down the field. I recently read the piece by Scott Fowler about how next year is going to be the Panthers year. How is that possible, our top receiver is going to be close to 35 and our left tackle is following suit.
When you factor in all of these issues, it is clear that this team needs a new direction. It is hard watching this team. I have watched our defensive line go from the best in the league to the worst, and our offensive line is right behind. If this game is about wins and losses, the decision is pretty easy. The 84-85 record over the last 10 years would not be good enough in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, or New England. The same teams are making the playoffs every year, the aforementioned teams, as well as New Orleans, Atlanta, Green Bay, and New York.
It is time for the ownership of the Panthers to make a move, bring in a real GM and start making the playoffs.

Posted by: enough is enough | Sep 10, 2012 10:14:39 AM

So "RNC wins over DNC," let me get this straight, you think players are paid too much? Doesn't the free markets that you love so much determine that? Who saids like the socialist?

Posted by: Steven | Sep 10, 2012 10:32:00 AM

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