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October 28, 2012

Another Medlock field goal gives Carolina a 13-7 lead

Score: Panthers 13, Bears 7

Scoring play: A 31-yard field goal by Justin Medlock.

Drive: 17 plays, 58 yards, 8:19 

Key play: On third-and-long at the Carolina 45, Cam Newton sought out Steve Smith along the near sideline. Tim Jennings was flagged for illegal contact as the ball sailed out of bounds. The penalty gave Carolina first down and extended the drive.

Time of game: 4:36 in the second quarter.

Worth mentioning: The Panthers are usuing DeAngelo Williams and the Wildcat more this game. He's taken snaps in the Wildcat twice for 10 yards. In the previous six games this season, Williams had just two carries for 6 yards out of that formation.


Score: Panthers 10, Bears 7

Scoring play: An 8-yard rush by Cam Newton to the 1, but then he fumbled into the end zone, which was recovered by WR Louis Murphy.

Drive: 3 plays, 16 yards, :48.

Key play: On third-and-long, Jay Cutler took a sack inside the Bears' 30. Charles Johnson delivered the hit and caused the fumble, and Frank Alexander fell on the ball at the Chicago 16.

Time of game: 14:30 in the second quarter.

Worth mentioning: At the end of the first quarter, the Bears had -10 yards passing. Carolina had 119 yards of total offense to the Bears' 34.


Score: Bears 7, Panthers 3

Scoring play: A 34-yardyard field goal by Justin Medlock.

Drive: 5 plays, 64 yards, 2:31.

Key play: A 62-yard pass from Cam Newton to Brandon LaFell. Newton found LaFell over the middle and the third-year receiver took it inside the Chicago red zone for a first down.

Time of game: 2:01 in the first quarter.

Worth mentioing: Right guard Jeff Byers is having a rough day. He was called as an illegal man downfield earlier in the game that was declined, then got beat on a third down that eventually led to a Newton sack. On that drive, an offensive holding negated a Stewart rush and set the Panthers back 10 yards.


Score: Bears 7, Panthers 0

Scoring play: A 13-yard touchdown rush by Matt Forte up the middle.

Drive: 4 plays, 49 yards, 1:52.

Key play: A 16-yard rush on first down by Forte. The Bears took a rushing play left, something they haven't done much of early in the game, and defensive end Frank Alexander got pushed inside. That allowed Forte to find the edge for 16 yards before free safety Haruki Nakamura tackled him in the open field.

Time of game: 4:32 in the first quarter.

Worth mentioning: The Panthers have been lining quarterback Cam Newton under center much more than in games past. He started the game under center and has been there on five of the offense's 12 snaps so far. Jonathan Stewart has played the first two series with DeAngelo Williams on the sideline.

--Jonathan Jones

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