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October 16, 2012

Panthers cut G Browning, sign T Dominguez to practice squad

G Bryant Browning was cut from the practice squad, and the Carolina Panthers added offensive tackle Ray Dominquez, the team announced Tuesday morning.

Browning had spent the entire season on the Panthers' practice squad and logged one career game in 2011. He was an undrafted free agent signed by St. Louis in 2011 before the Panthers claimed him off waivers.

Dominquez is a 6-foor-4, 335-pound offensive tackle who played college ball at Arkansas. He was most recently with the Packers, and he has never appeared in a regular season contest since signing with the team in 2011.

--Jonathan Jones

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Carolina Panthers will win! Forget the doubters! The city/fans needs to wake up and the team will follow. You are a product of them. BACK THIS TEAM! STOP DOUBTING SO MUCH. BELIEVE!!!


Posted by: BofA Fan | Oct 16, 2012 11:57:14 AM

BoA fan, place the bong on the table and walk away slowly. We have won one game. We will be VERY lucky to win 3 for the year. Those that blindly follow are the ones who are lost, the rest of us see clearly. This is one HORRIBLY run team, from the owner to the last practice squad player. The Panthers are the mid 70's Bucs, the laughing stock of the league. EVERY team looks at us on the schedule and checks "easy win".

Posted by: Blah | Oct 16, 2012 1:10:27 PM

Ever notice this offense plays better during early games than oppose to late games this season..think about it TB,SEA,NY all 4 o'lock or later while New Orleans and ATL(should have won) all 1 o'clock games, maybe its just a coincidence i dont know but the season will tell..9 of the next 11 are all early games.

Posted by: skywalker1 | Oct 16, 2012 1:44:54 PM

You're kidding right??

Posted by: howboutdemcowboyz | Oct 16, 2012 1:48:55 PM

Panthers suck!!

Posted by: howboutdemcowboyz | Oct 16, 2012 1:49:41 PM

This is truly an un-newsworthy event. Really - who cares? Neither of these guys can make a difference anyway. But this is also a great example of why current administration will NEVER have a winner. The only 'big' moves they make is to re-sign their core players with over-inflated salaries (eg: Charles Johnson is good, and it would have hurt to lose him, but he's not THAT good, to pay him that kind of money). But they've gone years without addressing huge glaring holes. How many years have Panthers fans been clamoring for a complement to Steve Smith? That need has NEVER been addressed. And going into this year, with NO reasonable options at the 2nd CB spot, they did nothing to bring in anyone capable of plugging that hole (how many people believe that strongly in a 5th round rookie as 'the answer'?). Too many small moves, not enough big moves, will doom the Panthers to continually fail. Sad to see.

Posted by: WayneD | Oct 16, 2012 2:06:11 PM

Good news for us, panthers run defense is worse than baltimore..pick your poison ROMO,DEZ,FELIX,WITTEN,ETC..this should turn our season around.

Posted by: howboutdemcowboyz | Oct 16, 2012 2:28:33 PM

lol, these cowboy fans on here: FACT: The Panthers have won more playoff games in the last 17 years than the Cowboys have. Oh, and two of them came against you guys. Panthers 28 Cowboys 23

Posted by: Joe | Oct 16, 2012 3:05:38 PM

Here's a fun fact Romo has one playoff win, which more than Cam Newton will ever have let alone playoff apperances!!

Posted by: howboutdemcowboyz | Oct 16, 2012 3:23:41 PM

Let's stop drinking the Electric Blue Kool-Aid ladies and gentlemen. You can slice it,dice it, anyway you desire but the fact will still remain......Marty Hurney and Jerry Richardson= Failure

Posted by: Black--Panther | Oct 16, 2012 4:12:34 PM

Not even close to the level of dysfunctionality of the Bucs in the late 70's. I lived in St. Pete from before their inception, until 1995, and followed them closely. You think JR is a poor owner and Hurney is lacking as GM? Hugh Culverhouse make JR look like Mara or Rooney.

Posted by: Tony B | Oct 16, 2012 7:05:30 PM

At WayneD:

Very good post. Exactly my sentiments, and I couldn't have said it better! Smitty needs to be grooming a WR NOW, not next year. I was so upset they didn't pick up one of several good ones in this draft, not to mention other needs that you mentioned.

Posted by: I've seen it too | Oct 16, 2012 7:48:25 PM

I agree with BoA guy...Carolina has always been a complaining fan base. I am from Carolina and we can't be more indifferent sometimes when it comes to our teams. How bout Seattle? Do they win every year? no. Is their stadium loud as all every home game? yes. How bout giving out team something to rally around. The constant complaining is getting old.

Posted by: chinerpants | Oct 16, 2012 10:25:29 PM

Awesome signing! This will most definitley make the team stronger and better...... [insert synicism]

Posted by: Reality Check | Oct 18, 2012 7:19:07 PM

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