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November 11, 2012

Video: Joe Person breaks down Panthers' 36-14 loss to the Broncos

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers fell to the Denver Broncos, 36-14 on Sunday and dropped to 2-7 on the season. The Charlotte Observer's Joe Person reports from Bank of America Stadium.

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Should have kept Fox and Fired Hurney before!

Posted by: Bill | Nov 12, 2012 4:55:54 PM

Cam Newton turned out to be a distraction to put it mildly. He is playing like he wants out of Carolina yesterday. Bench him and let Anderson and Clausen finish the season. At least save us from being the laughing stock of the NFL.

Posted by: Jim1 | Nov 13, 2012 9:30:04 AM

Cam Newton is the Panther's problem. Too young & immature. Can't read defenses fast enough & make fast decisions or dump the ball either out of bounds or the designated player. Look at the games we have lost & his bad decision turn overs. Old days a rookie QB sat & learned, matured & earned a QB spot. He isn't a leader, sitting on the bench with a towel over his head. Creates no respect from team & is now the object of derision. Andersen & Claussen would work their butts off & not act so childish if they scored. Cam's not superman. This is the nfl-not Auburn. Instead of being superman he's fast becoming a super joke.

Posted by: james edwards | Nov 13, 2012 3:55:27 PM

Listen to you guys Bench Cam, He is the problem...start Anderson or Claussen give up on this season....really!!!!!!! Are you guys even fans of the team..... It Not being out coached for now the whole season...... or the fact that our team isn't prepared to play or condition to play.......it can't be that the Coaches aren't simply getting it done in the film room to putting in a great scheme.....No, you guys are hung up on a kid whom is not use to losing......So, your respond to that is let bench him and teach him how to lose!!!!!! and maybe when his contract is up he will be a better player for us......U don't have to like his TD dance to know that our team is better off with CAM then what you all are saying here.......It is a Coaching Problem and that isn't going to change until they(coaches) know their team......Every other Rookie Coach knows their team Our Coach don't.....and it shows....now going on Two seasons.......I hate to see what he don't know if he is lucky to be here next season.......Enough Said.......

Posted by: Douglas DeBerry | Nov 14, 2012 10:09:37 AM

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