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November 07, 2012

Video: What the Panthers doing to prepare for Manning & Denver

The Charlotte Observer's Jonathan Jones reports from Bank of America Stadium.

Posted by Observer staff on November 7, 2012 at 07:17 PM | Permalink


"Head coach Ron Rivera and John Fox are the past two head coaches of the Carolina Panthers". Um, Rivera is the current HC of the Panthers, he is not a past one. I know he is largely considered to be a 'dead man walking', but as Monty Python said, "I'm not dead yet". Hey JJ, its called proofreading.

Posted by: Tony B | Nov 8, 2012 9:11:13 AM

JJ went to UNC....I talked to him once and I wonder how he finished.

just kid'n bud!

Posted by: big gulps | Nov 8, 2012 9:41:17 AM

off topic but Have any Charlotte reporters bothered to ask in press conference, will Armanti Edwards get more playing time now? Since every time (2 or 3x all year) they have put him in something good happens (btw, I really can't beleive a "progressive" offensive mind like chud can't figure out a way to get him the ball on welker like routes, or birng smitty inside on occasion to also get him the ball on welker like routes in space underneath with room to run .. not real hard, called motion, change formations, zig and zag routes, pic plays ... all pretty standard stuff since the early 1980's (just sayn)

Posted by: Isaiah | Nov 8, 2012 11:18:44 AM


The reason Chud can't get Armanti the ball on Welker like routes is because Armanti can't catch the ball like Welker. Welker is a stud in the league, one of the very best at slashing through and making those tough grabs. Very skilled to ask that of Armanti. Steve could and does now and then, but his age is catching up with him.

I have liked that Armanti has made something happen. Kind of shocked by it.

Posted by: big gulps | Nov 8, 2012 11:31:54 AM

not saying AE is WW but he was undrafted and cut by san diego, hardly used by Miamia until Joey harrington - yes joey harrington used him as a dump off valve and he also was average returning kicks .. then patriots made him a star - but they've had good success with Woodhead (RB, Jets cast off) and Edleman (former college QB) so system does have soemthing to do with it. (and there have always been reports of AE having great hands in practice? first I heard he didn't?) WW is a stud, but WW is used on short swags swing out and in, and swigs swing in and out, they also pic for him by running TE straight up and he ducks behind with te effectively picking his defender, they do this with short crossing routes as well ... they use motion to determine coverages, etc. really this is football 101 .. I haven't coached in 20 years as I went overseas, but still .. we did these things successfully in the 80's and the coached well teams are still doing them

Posted by: Isaiah | Nov 8, 2012 1:47:50 PM

drops haven't been an issue with edwards. maybe in practice, but we haven't seen that in pre season games or in the limited game action he's seen.

also says something to come into the game cold and catch the only ball thrown your way which he's done on both his catches this year. I can understand saying "lafell or murphy are more polished overall so we don't have a lot of balls to go around" that's an argument I get.

deangelo williams isn't having a bad year. he's not getting touches. edwards hasn't been a bust, he hasn't gotten touches. his reputation has lived and died with him fumbling punts his rookie year. which was the first time he returned punts. meanwhile joe adams was an all american return man and did the same thing.

all i know is, they damn sure better keep edwards on the roster over clausen. let him be the 3rd quarterback and the 5th/6th receiver all the same. every time he's under center he looks legit and makes a good throw. can't say that for clausen.

Posted by: charlottean | Nov 8, 2012 3:43:48 PM

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