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December 28, 2012

NFL fines Cam Newton for kick vs. Raiders, also fines Hardy and Godfrey

The NFL levied two fines against Cam Newton for his conduct in the Panthers' win against Oakland on Sunday.

The Observer reported late Thursday that Newton had been fined $21,000 for abusive conduct toward a game official. Joe Person reported Friday that Newton was also fined $10,000 for kicking Raiders DT Tommy Kelly.

The kick came after Kelly had combined with Desmond Bryant for a sack in the second quarter. Newton kicked at Kelly, who then held Newton down and received a flag for unnecessary roughness. The quarterback said after the game he was trying to get up as quickly as possible and did not intend to kick Kelly. (Photos via NFL Rewind.)


Defensive end Greg Hardy was fined $25,000 for his hit on Carson Palmer. Hardy hit Palmer as he threw in the first quarter, knocking Palmer out of the game and subsequently the rest of the season.


Hardy was fined $15,750 earlier in the season for hitting Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III in the head following a throw.

Also getting fined was safety Charles Godfrey for his hit on a defenseless receiver. The NFL fined Godfrey $21,000 for hitting Rod Streater in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game.


That was Godfrey's second fine of the year, as well. He was docked $7,875 for a chop block against Dallas in Week 7.

Head coach Ron Rivera said Friday he expects the players to appeal the fines. No Raider was fined from any action on Sunday.

--Jonathan Jones and Joe Person

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I always give a swift kick in the air when I'm trying to get up real quickly, too.

Posted by: jkq1017 | Dec 28, 2012 3:57:54 PM

Why was a Raider allowed to hit Cam unabated, full steam AFTER he thew the ball? That's why he lost it at the ref!! Panthers haven't got any respect all year. That will change soon.

Posted by: Randy Moss | Dec 28, 2012 4:22:32 PM

They actually fined Hardy for that??? What a crock man. So are you supposed to try to push the QB to the ground now? The Raiders certainly weren't doing that, considering they were hitting Cam well after the ball was out of his hands. The NFL is unbelievable and is becoming laughable quickly.

Posted by: Swizzle52 | Dec 28, 2012 4:29:26 PM

Officials are dirty. Plain and simple. They were enforcing one set of rules against the Panthers and another against the Raiders. When ANY team comes out of a game with more penalities and fines than the Raiders, then you KNOW the officiating was rigged!

Goodell should be fined for trying to pass off flag football as a professional sport!

Posted by: John | Dec 28, 2012 4:53:38 PM

I was sitting on the visitors' side -- that is, the side opposite these camera shots -- and the Hardy play happened almost directly in front of me. (Our seats were about at the 18-yard line.) He led with his face mask and shoulder, not his helmet, as still photography later confirmed. I couldn't see the other plays well enough to argue one way or the other, but THAT one I saw, and Hardy's hit was legal.

Posted by: Lex | Dec 28, 2012 5:01:32 PM

Keep playing hard guys. All were well worth the cost of the fines. there was nothing dirty in those hits. The kick could be viewed as dirty but dude was putting all his weight on CN1. Kick away Cam. Thats why those guys wear helmets and pads!!!

Posted by: Greg | Dec 28, 2012 6:49:53 PM

Game is being ruined by former players who are suing the league for past injuries. This is not Goodell's fault, the NFL is changing because of lawsuits from former players who now want another slice of the pie.

Posted by: Kenny | Dec 28, 2012 8:38:33 PM

Yeah, some of those calls were bogus and the players will win their appeal and pay no fine. The officiating is horrible and the league covers theirass by making fines public, sending the message that the officials were correct. We won't hear about the appeal. Every time Sorensen and Fowler and RGJ carped about the replacement officials and fawned over the regular officials, I wanted to throw up. It's a tough game to officiate, so bring in video review and they still get it wrong way too often.

Posted by: Ben | Dec 28, 2012 9:14:01 PM

I believe Jerry Richardson was a key player in the negotiations against the referees. I think the referees hold ill will towards him and are taking it out on the team.

Posted by: justin | Dec 28, 2012 9:15:10 PM

I wish Cam could be more focused on the team game than on himself. Outside of the Carolinas, Cam has the reputation of a high-maintenance diva. Cam, there are things you can't control and there's things that you CAN control, like your footwork, accuracy, and firm leadership. Keep pounding, Go Panthers!

Posted by: PantherFan | Dec 29, 2012 12:21:21 AM

pouting cam, p- - - y

Posted by: raven | Dec 29, 2012 6:29:22 AM

The Hardy hit on Palmer I have only seen from the opposite side so I can't tell whether he lead with his helmet. So I find thecomment interesting by Lex who was actually at the game on the opposite side of the field from the camera shots and states that Hardy lead with his shoulder and face mask. That would be a legal hit. During the telecast Steve Beurlein was convinced that Hardy had lead with his helmet when the video was shot from the front side of Palmer so you couldn't see exactly how Hardy hit Palmer. I thought the Godfrey hit was legal also. As I remember it he lead with his shoulder. These calls are getting ridiculous. In the SF - Seattle game Vernon Davis got hit legally, was separated from the ball and suffered a concussion. Unnecessary roughness was called. The replays showed a totally legal hit. I don't know what defensive players are supposed to do. They are leading with their shoulder and still getting called for illegal hits.

Posted by: Daniel | Dec 29, 2012 9:47:40 AM

To level the playing field the NFL should fine game officials when they make bad calls that cost a team yardage and that make players go throught the fine appeal process.
This would make some of the flag happy game officials that are all to quick to throw a flag think before they act.

Posted by: Black--Panther | Dec 29, 2012 12:03:04 PM

So tired of all the punks that want to cry..when i played ball none of the crying that goes on now was happen.....to many candy butts blaying ball now days

Posted by: shawn | Dec 29, 2012 9:38:54 PM

Jonathan Jones, please show the full picture of Cams kick from the opposite angle and your will see #93 had a hold of Cams leg near the knee. I saw the guy trying to crank his knee well after the play. I'd kick him in the head too because it was ridiculous. The head ref in particular has always had it out for the Panthers. I swore a couple years ago he had to be wearing Saints underwear or something because he would always call some crazy crap against the Panthers. I spotted him as a crap caller years ago. His specialty now seems to be no calls. Carson Palmer was crushed by a very legal hit because he held the ball way way way too long! A veteran player should know better.

Posted by: ripp | Dec 29, 2012 10:23:50 PM

Is this deangelo Williams last game with panthers

Posted by: gary | Dec 30, 2012 2:27:09 PM

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