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December 07, 2012

Stewart doubtful for Falcons' game; LaFell questionable

Ron Rivera started the week by saying he wanted to take a look at some of the Panthers' younger players.

Injuries might make that a reality Sunday against Atlanta.

The Panthers' injury report is filled with veteran starters, only one of whom – running back Jonathan Stewart – is listed as doubtful. Stewart missed the Kansas City game last week with a high ankle sprain and Rivera said Stewart is very doubtful.

No. 2 wideout Brandon LaFell (turf toe) is among a group listed as questionable, although Rivera indicated LaFell's status is more tenuous than safety Charles Godfrey (back), linebacker James Anderson (back) and defensive tackle Dwan Edwards (wrist).

If LaFell is out, Louis Murphy would be the No. 2 wideout, and Armanti Edwards would take the third spot.

With free safety Sherrod Martin on injured reserve, rookie D.J. Campbell would get his first start if Godfrey can't play. Godfrey practiced for the first time this week Friday, although Rivera said he did “very little.”

Anderson and Edwards did not practice all week. But Rivera said both are veterans who know the defensive schemes.

--Joseph Person

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Panther seasons over, it's all about the bobcats/hornets now!!! Get a new head coach panthers, you suck !!!!!

Posted by: Buzz | Dec 7, 2012 1:33:17 PM

buzz bollocks....come on dude....are you really serious....have you ever experienced a real NFL game....

Posted by: Scott Silverstein | Dec 7, 2012 1:53:08 PM

The difference between Kelly and Harbaugh is that Harbaugh ran a pro style offense in college. Kelly runs a spread/zone read which we saw last year will work but only for a year until the other teams have film on you. Kelly is a good coach, but I don't think he'd be the right fit here.

Posted by: Chris | Dec 7, 2012 2:36:20 PM

good discussion Chris, thanks. Much more interesting than reading about who is hurt this week....

Do you think Kelly could do better than Rivera? At least with his experience and in game skills? Even if he sacrifices on his main offensive methods?

Posted by: big gulps | Dec 7, 2012 2:43:05 PM

LOL good question ... I probably do believe he would be better then Rivera, but don't think he would bring a title to Charlotte. Its a real "gimicky" system which is very entertaining to watch, but probably not enough to win.

With all that said we could hire him and he come in with a totally new system and be the next Lombardi. What do I know? lol.

Posted by: Chris | Dec 7, 2012 2:50:10 PM

If you'll excuse me, I think I need to go pick up the Atlanta defense for my fantasy playoffs.

Posted by: Oh SNAP | Dec 7, 2012 3:04:49 PM

Whoever gets Chip Kelly better have one hell of a backup QB. And probably a 3rd stringer too... If he runs an offense anything like what he has been running, his QB is going to be exposed to all kinds of hits. And NFL defenders will make those hits count.
But once more, if we get Kelly, you same people will be calling for his head after the first loss, so I hope JR has enough sense not to make decisions based on your opinions, lol.

Posted by: swizzlesticks | Dec 7, 2012 3:34:12 PM

Not all of you, btw, just those calling for Rivera's head, after only 2 season, after inheriting the worst team in the NFL...

Posted by: swizzlesticks | Dec 7, 2012 3:35:01 PM

I'm not necessaraly "calling for his head" but his 1-10 record (or something like that) in games decided by 7 points or less really speaks volumes.

I don't think Rivera is a bad coach, I just think he lacks the in gam ability to make adjustments. Thats why we blow 2nd half leads. The opponent makes the adjustments and Rivera doesn't know how to counter them (ex. Week 4 in Atlanta. 7 sacks in the 1st half and 0 in the second. ATL made the adjustment to quick short passes and it ate us alive cause Rivera didn't have an answer)

Posted by: Chris | Dec 7, 2012 3:47:37 PM

exactly Chris. Great coach's win the 2nd half of a game......

Posted by: big gulps | Dec 7, 2012 4:08:20 PM

David Shaw.

Posted by: Swizzle52 | Dec 7, 2012 4:11:58 PM

Not saying that it is the case, but what if Rivera is coaching the team up to get them within 7 points? Stats can be used to prove anything and this one is a little overused.

Posted by: Bud sudz | Dec 7, 2012 4:37:50 PM

I agree Chip Kelly is a great college coach, not so sure he could cut it in the NFL. I remember wanting Steve Spurrier (yes, I admit it lol) to be the Panthers coach before we hired Fox. Every time I see Chip Kelly all I see is Spurrier 2.0

I don't know if that is fair to Kelly, but it seems to me spread systems are all about finding athletes (which every pro team has plenty of on both sides of the ball) vs. pro-style which seems to be more about scouting and developing talent.

Posted by: Jason Wilmington | Dec 7, 2012 6:58:19 PM

Hire the Penn St. coach!

Posted by: mogli | Dec 7, 2012 9:51:08 PM

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