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March 20, 2013

Rivera excited about prospect of signing Ginn


Panthers coach Ron Rivera did not hide his excitement about the prospect of acquiring receiver/returner Ted Ginn Jr., a free agent who visited the Panthers this week and left with a contract offer.

Ginn, who played with San Francisco last season, also reportedly has an offer from Cincinnati.

“Ted came in and did a nice job. I know our guys really spoke highly of his visit,” Rivera said Wednesday at the NFC coaches breakfast at the league meetings.

“The interesting thing about Ted is he gives us some depth at wide receiver who can challenge for playing time opportunity. But also he's got special teams value, which is big.”

Ginn, 27, a first-round pick out of Ohio State in 2007, has six career touchdown returns – three on punt returns and three on kickoffs.

“He's an explosive guy coming off the line of scrimmage, too,” Rivera said. “So there's some huge pluses for us as far as hoping to be able to bring a guy like that into the fold.”

The Panthers used Armanti Edwards, Joe Adams and Armond Smith as their kick returners after Kealoha Pilares went down with a season-ending shoulder injury in November.

Adams, a fourth-round pick last year, lost his spot as the primary punt returner after he fumbled twice in a Week 3 loss to the Giants.

--Joseph Person


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Well go ahead and call Gettleman and get him in here! He is definitely an up grade at receiver and returner over Edwards and the other Bum pick from last year. Might even take the top off of defenses this year. GET IT DONE!!!

Posted by: Chuck | Mar 20, 2013 1:28:50 PM

if ginn signs, you can basically count on adams being cut and one of either edwards/pilares/gettis also being on the chopping block in camp.

can't say that wouldn't be an improvement but i'd like to see the $'s before knowing if it makes sense overall or not.

Posted by: charlottean | Mar 20, 2013 1:30:49 PM

Good pick up IF he decides to come since the offer is out there.

Posted by: Big Daddy | Mar 20, 2013 1:34:51 PM

Hmm.... played on a superbowl team last year and had two catches in 13 games. This guy had more fumbles then catches last year. I don't doubt his return skills, but this deal better be cheap, cheap, cheap!!!!!

Posted by: jason wilmington | Mar 20, 2013 1:37:12 PM

See ya Armanti. We hardly (never) knew ye.

Posted by: Man Up | Mar 20, 2013 1:53:33 PM

I'm sure he was cheap, gettleman is smart, and ginn isn't that good. I don't think we'll cut Joe adams just yet, but I can see pilares cut as the 2 are pretty similar (fast with butterfingers).

Posted by: theunitmonster | Mar 20, 2013 1:54:06 PM

Listen, if what is currently on the Panthers isn't performing up to NFL standards then get somebody in there that can and that is exactly what they are doing. And at the very least, they are sending the message that they are willing to fix all of the non-performing positions, mam by man. Get er done David G.

Posted by: vinny_57 | Mar 20, 2013 1:55:24 PM

A good pick up if Gettleman can get the job done. That remains to be seen yet. He is definitely an improvement in the return game over what we have at the moment. I hope he signs with the Panthers.

Posted by: Whitecomet77 | Mar 20, 2013 2:06:09 PM

he's been overhyped since college.

i recall he and his team getting royally creamed by Florida.

Posted by: big gulps | Mar 20, 2013 2:39:28 PM

Maybe we'll finally solve our PR/KR problem that's been going on for 10 years.

Posted by: Authority | Mar 20, 2013 2:44:50 PM

Get rid of jonthan stweart

Posted by: james talford | Mar 20, 2013 2:50:10 PM

I still don't understand why they never made Edwards a backup QB. Waste of talent. Ginn is an average recieved @ best drops a lot of balls! Just draft a 1sr round WR and finally give Smitty some help and Cam a fresh weapon. Not these wash up WR's!!

Posted by: Deon | Mar 20, 2013 3:22:00 PM

"Get rid of Jonathan Stewart" realy?...I am so glad you aren't running this team.

Posted by: SMH... | Mar 20, 2013 3:26:42 PM

drop stewie, armanti, clausen. the first for money reasons, the latter to put some pride into the team....how can our players play alongside clowns that aren't nfl worthy? this would set the team to a higher standard.

cut beason and davis soon since they are damaged goods, go for youth.

Posted by: big gulps | Mar 20, 2013 3:49:14 PM

He's clearly a replacement for armanti edwards. Maybe even pilares we have 3 wide receivers that are practically the same in ability and stature edwards, pilares, and adams. Smith is small too but they can't compare in regards to ability. We could sign bigger receivers or fill other holes instead of having all 3 return specialist.

Posted by: Taurus | Mar 20, 2013 3:50:26 PM

Bring him in Gettleman! He is what we need on offense the most right now. He can also takeover at returner, which is a position we annually lack in. He'd be the best returner since Mark Jones. And lets see what he can do in the receiver game...Idk if Murphy is returning.

Posted by: Goddy | Mar 20, 2013 3:55:46 PM

Why throw Pilares under the bus? He was a good return man until he went down with an injury, not to mention he opens up the passing game.
Ginn is one dimensional. He can only be a returner. The Panthers have been making some head scratching decisions lately.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Mar 20, 2013 4:01:52 PM

I guess my days are numbered. I knew the Panthers were going to cut me at some point in time, so this is really no surprise. I haven't actually done anything since I got into the NFL, and Appalachian State doesn't prepare a player for the big leagues.
I am going to contact my agent and see if I can get a job in the CFL or the Arena League. I am not ready to bag groceries, like Kurt Warner, just yet. No "paper or plastic" for me.

Thanks, Panther fans for the love. Peace out!

Posted by: Armanti Mascot Edwards | Mar 20, 2013 4:03:33 PM

Not worth a comment with the idiots already posting here.

Posted by: Big Bad John | Mar 20, 2013 4:38:10 PM

Sign Tim Tebow when he is released by the Jets. He can do it all.

Posted by: Whitecomet77 | Mar 20, 2013 4:38:18 PM

I think that would be a great pick up. Get him while you can! Regardless of his past mistakes everyone has fumbled the ball before but this guy is a beast. Come on too Charlotte. We'd love too add you starting with lafell and smith and can't forget Olsen

Posted by: Robert | Mar 20, 2013 4:40:42 PM

Out of the 21 comments posted, exactly 66% are asinine.

Posted by: Panthers46 | Mar 20, 2013 4:50:00 PM

Forget Olsen???? OMG!!! Idiot

Posted by: L.T | Mar 20, 2013 5:10:36 PM

Draft Ace Sanders from south car.. He can play receiver and return kicks , the guy can play. I am not a gamecock fan but Ace can do it all. For some reason the Gamecocks have become a receiver factory.On the other side of the ball draft Kwame Geathers of Geogia. Another player from the Geathers clan who can play.Remember those names Charlotte Observer. I want Gettltmen's job. CALL ME!!

Posted by: REALPANFAN | Mar 20, 2013 5:30:44 PM

The wrap on Ginn is that he is a baby, doesn't block, afraid to go over the middle. Smitty will punch him out halfway through camp.

Posted by: Jimcat | Mar 20, 2013 5:45:44 PM

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