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April 22, 2013

Cam Newton stops by Al Sharpton's MSNBC office, says hello

Cam Newton stopped by the MSNBC office in New York and said hello to Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist and former presidential candidate tweeted Monday evening.

Sharpton, the host of MSNBC's PoliticsNation, tweeted a link to his Facebook post that he met with the Panthers' franchise quarterback.

"Great surprise," the post read, "NFL star Cam Newton came by My MSNBC office to chat and sat in the studio to watch me do some of the show. Photo is on instagram."

And with the magic of Google search, I was able to find the photo here

Sharpton is a well-known, and sometimes controversial, civil rights activist and Baptist minister. He's hosted the nightly talk show since 2011.

It's unclear what Newton is doing in New York and it's possible he stopped by other offices and/or shows, but the midtown Manhattan MSNBC headquarters is located just across the street from Radio City Music Hall, where the 2013 NFL draft will take place later this week.

--Jonathan Jones

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Oh my an athlete with liberal political views? Does he believe in abortion, legalizing pot, affirmative action, socializing america at the expense of our military and that we should all pay our fair share too? ...cause there's just not enough of those, right?

Posted by: Serious_Me | Apr 22, 2013 8:02:15 PM

Serious Me, chill out. He stopped by his office. It's not like he went on the air and spouted off anything. On another note, this really does not warrant being posted at all.

Posted by: wes mantooth | Apr 22, 2013 8:18:17 PM

Let the troll parade begin......

Posted by: Jeff | Apr 22, 2013 8:24:57 PM

The draft is in New York this week! Duh!

Posted by: joe cool | Apr 22, 2013 8:29:09 PM

Sharpton is a criminal.

Posted by: Jim | Apr 22, 2013 8:38:12 PM

Great, like i needed one more reason not to like Cam Newton....

Posted by: Gmecockiop | Apr 22, 2013 9:20:29 PM

Can't wait for all the right wing trolls to get going!

Posted by: Sugarbugga | Apr 22, 2013 9:22:24 PM

"Sometimes controversial"?

He makes Mark Sanford look downright non-controversial.

Shame on Cam for having such bad judgment.

Posted by: PantherPundit | Apr 22, 2013 9:28:25 PM

Guys, chill out, lay off the guy ..... get a life, people....

Posted by: bulldoze08 | Apr 22, 2013 9:53:50 PM

Why does Cam Newton hate white people?

Posted by: Me | Apr 22, 2013 10:32:15 PM

Shame on for calling out Sharpton...sure he is a big mouth but he has done a lot of good for the black community....if you want to talk about bad people look at rush and his pill habit.....

Posted by: Scott | Apr 22, 2013 10:47:22 PM

Why do Conservatives get so worked out about people who aren't as squared as they are.

Posted by: mike | Apr 23, 2013 12:46:59 AM

My goodness kids, it is obvious you do not know anything about, politics, people, or anything that is important in this life. A great player wanted to speak with a great Civil Rights Leader, and great human being. If all of your knowledge comes from the laimstream media; then I understand why you people are so confused, and spewing these ignorant comments. Grow up kiddies. Find a cause that is in this new century, study it, and then try to have an intelligent conversation with the rest of us who actually live on this planet.

Posted by: Mr. Burgess | Apr 23, 2013 4:29:56 AM

And in other breaking news, Steve Smith stopped by Burger King and ordered a Whopper Jr. with Cheese. The Burger King manager said, "it was quite a surprise! Steve just walked in, walked up to the counter and ordered a Whopper Jr and fries! Then he sat in the restaurant for a while and sipped on a large diet Coke! Photo is on Instagram."

Its unclear what Steve Smith was doing in Burger King, but is possible he stopped by because he was hungry.

Posted by: ukiddingme | Apr 23, 2013 6:35:10 AM

Can people please leave Cam Newton alone? He can go see who ever he wants and does not have to answer to anyone. He is a young man who still has a lot to learn and it is essential that he be surrounded by people of his same caliber. Would you rather see him hanging out with a rapper? Cam Newton is not only a role-model for so many young people but for anyone who has a dream. How many athletes willingly go back to school to get their degree? Not many, so I believe we all can learn from him. Cam please do not listen to the negative comments people have to say about you. Remain that normal guy we all know and love. Good Luck on your finals.

Posted by: Amy | Apr 23, 2013 8:28:36 AM

It is crystal clear why this was posted. The sport writers/department wants to start an unnecessary controversy that is not related to sports in any way. This particle article/blog by Jonathan is shameful and disgraceful.

Posted by: T | Apr 23, 2013 9:07:19 AM

Just another reason not to like Cam Newton.

Posted by: M | Apr 23, 2013 9:16:20 AM

Some hard hitting Sports reporting by Jonny Jones.

Al Sharpton has done far more damage than good for "the cause".

Cam is better than this.

Posted by: big gulps | Apr 23, 2013 9:34:23 AM

Wow, shame on Johnathan for writing this article and shame everyone for looking for something else negative to say about the kid. The draft is this week. No comments about him being in town to support his team for the draft. We are two years running ROY winners. Draft gotta mean more than who Cam mosey on in to see while in town to see the city. No story on how he progressing with his studies. No just more negative garbage from my fellow conservative friends.

Posted by: Cam & Kemba | Apr 23, 2013 9:52:24 AM

Apparently Cam Newton has stopped at Waffle House in Charlotte as well.

Posted by: Crispy Bacon | Apr 23, 2013 10:54:42 AM

Cam prefers to be in Atlanta or New York it seems the most.....not Charlotte.

Got any good stories on Luke K Jon? I'd like to hear how the new heart and soul of our Defense is preparing for Year #2. He's quickly becoming the true role model on the team and a fan favorite. Very deserved.

Posted by: big gulps | Apr 23, 2013 11:10:48 AM

Was Tawana Brawley in the Rev. Sharpton's office when Cam dropped by? I do not think he was even born then. Makes you wonder, don't it? A non-issue here.

Posted by: Whitecomet77 | Apr 23, 2013 11:13:52 AM

Cam is preparing for his post football politcal career! GO CAM!

Posted by: MP - ASU 2003 | Apr 23, 2013 2:43:02 PM

Lol at the right wing trolls getting mad about something like this. It must suck to be so upset all the time.

Posted by: Danny | Apr 23, 2013 4:51:51 PM

Lots of KKK members wearing their camo with confederate patches are posting today. Rand Paul are you on here again? You ol' white power rascal you. So good for the teabaggers, but fantastic for the Democratic party!

Posted by: big bad john | Apr 23, 2013 6:21:52 PM

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