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July 30, 2013

Panthers general manager: Time for Cam Newton to win


Panthers first-year general manager Dave Gettleman believes Cam Newton is the team's quarterback of the future, but said it's time for Newton to win.

Gettleman was hired in January to replace Marty Hurney, who drafted Newton with the first overall pick in 2011. Newton has thrown for more yards than any quarterback in his first two NFL seasons, but has yet to lead the Panthers to a winning season.

“Cam has had the best two years of any rookie quarterback in NFL history. And everybody talks about the other young (quarterbacks),” Gettleman said Tuesday. “What he's done has been completely lost in the sauce because of the elephant in the room – the 13-19 record.”

Gettleman was asked whether Newton was the quarterback to build around.

After a pregnant, seven-second pause, Gettleman said; “Yes, he is. But now it's time to win.”

Under the new CBA, the Panthers cannot begin negotiating with Newton on a new contract until after this season. His four-year, $22 million deal includes a club option for a fifth year, and the Panthers also could use the franchise tag on Newton.

“Technically, you have rights to him for six years,” Gettleman said. “I'm a big believer in letting nature take its course. Things will happen naturally.”

As for the Panthers' third-year coach, Gettleman said he set no specific expectations for Ron Rivera beyond winning.

“I didn't set any expectations. I think that's a mistake. My goal was to put them in a position to be successful. … That's been my goal all along,” Gettleman said. “I'm giving him all my support and he knows it. We have a very good relationship.”

--Joseph Person


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Gettleman wants the guy to win? He can start by bringing in some help on the offensive line to protect Cam. I really don't think that's too much to ask. Sounds a bit like Gettleman blames Newton for the team being 13-19. He can't do it all himself. GIVE THE GUY SOME HELP.

Posted by: Tom | Jul 30, 2013 2:00:07 PM

Well said Tom! Gotta have time to throw or else your QB ends up leading the team in rushing...again! Good thing Cam can run.

Posted by: Jeramie | Jul 30, 2013 2:16:03 PM

oh boy!!! This sounds like another Richardson to Peppers "its time to step up and be a leader" comment......
Hope this doesnt have a negative effect on Newton's decision making on the field..........

Posted by: The Three Degrees | Jul 30, 2013 2:20:01 PM

The offense put points on the board. Lots of em. We need to see the secondary challenge a few receivers and passes this season.

Posted by: NotSoSureBoutThat | Jul 30, 2013 2:25:15 PM

We obviously need O line help but I think the preverbial elephant in the room has been our D for the past couple years and we made a big push to HELP in that area. we had multiple games Cam won and the D gave up and gave it away... If we can keep our line healthy and our D improves at all this year; we will have a play off birth!!! and yes I am aware that we had a top 10 D last year but we couldnt finish games!!! #PANTHERNATION

Posted by: justLOVE | Jul 30, 2013 2:31:00 PM

I agree it is time for him to win I am tired of all the excuses.

Posted by: DRRN HPPR | Jul 30, 2013 2:45:50 PM

Classic, it took him seven seconds to answer. Let me spell it out for you slow people: Cam is not the future here. He is playing his last few games here before he goes to a large market team. He will never be a winner at the highest level, but he will be a talented QB who at times can beat teams he shouldn't. We should have drafted Petterson, and everyone in the NFL knows it.

Posted by: CamSUCKS | Jul 30, 2013 2:55:46 PM

We are going back to the run. This alone, with our multi-back system, including Cam, will win more games than we are used to.

Posted by: Panthersfans | Jul 30, 2013 3:00:05 PM

We are going back to the run. This alone, with our multi-back system, including Cam, will win more games than we are used to.

Posted by: Panthersfans | Jul 30, 2013 3:00:06 PM

Yes, it's time to win. It's time for the PANTHERS to win. There are a lot of other guys out on that field, too. One man can maybe win a few games, but it takes each person on the team playing their part to win championships and win long-term.

Posted by: Steve | Jul 30, 2013 3:04:21 PM

good advice, "win"

Posted by: big gulps | Jul 30, 2013 3:08:11 PM

Cam is great, except for the 4th quarter. Winning quarterbacks are great in the 4th quarter. How many of our losses ended up with losing a lead in the 4th quarter after a number of 3 and out series? Too many!

Posted by: Cal Willden | Jul 30, 2013 3:16:51 PM

Cam has put this team in position to win a quite a few more games than 13, but the TEAM hasn't closed the show. So, when Gettleman says "It's time for him to win", he should be saying "It's time for us to start making the key accurate pass at crunch time, to stop letting teams march down the field late in games, and time for us to start making the correct coaching moves during crunch time." All of those things have played a MAJOR part in being 13-19, not just one person. If it was just Cam, this would be golf, tennis, or bowling (individual sports).

Posted by: Jeff | Jul 30, 2013 3:23:40 PM

It's time for a lot of people...players, coaches and front office...to win. To single out Cam, our best player, is ridiculous.

Posted by: Captain | Jul 30, 2013 3:50:34 PM

It's time for Cam to win... he meant to say it's time for the Panthers to start winning. Last time I checked, football is a team sport... And whoever feels the need to take the opportunity to dis Cam, pretty sure he's the best QB in the league after 2 seasons of putting up records. Individually, those stats speak for themselves. For the team, look at the win loss column and talk about the TEAM, not just Cam. Our defense has been mediocre to say the least, but with the new additions, I expect them to make a huge leap this season as well.

Posted by: Elliott | Jul 30, 2013 3:52:56 PM

It's time for the panthers to win on a consistently, sick of the losing, where is jake delhome boy when you need him

Posted by: Shutup bandwagoner | Jul 30, 2013 3:57:52 PM

I am just hoping he tears his ACL in the preseason, so we actually have a chance to win some games and challenge for a divisional title. And yes, I do think we would be much better off with Anderson or Pickles behind center. Cam is a good talent, but he can't seem to mature enough to understand what it takes to be a leader of men.

Posted by: Truthteller | Jul 30, 2013 4:03:59 PM

Why would you wish harm or injury on someone? This is his how this man makes a living and you're hoping he injures himself and can no longer do the thing he loves to do. You need to grow up. It's ok if you're not a fan of his but you don't have to wish ill will on the man.... What did he do to you?

Posted by: truthteller's a joke | Jul 30, 2013 4:13:29 PM

tears his acl? now you're just being stupid. how is putting jimmy back under center supposed to help the team. remember.....jimmy being under center is how we got in the position to draft cam in the first place. cam won 3 times as many games as jimmy in an equal amount of starts.

Posted by: what? | Jul 30, 2013 4:17:38 PM

wishing for an ACL tear is too far, even for me.

Picles is horrid, Cam is who we need on the field.

Posted by: big gulps | Jul 30, 2013 4:36:08 PM

Hey "SHUTUP BANDWAGONEER". I hope this preseason you get violated by a large group of HIV infected HOBOS.

Posted by: Lee | Jul 30, 2013 4:50:48 PM

Someone wishing that a player get injured says more about the person commenting than anything else. That's pathetic people speak for "I'm a loser".

Posted by: Jeff | Jul 30, 2013 4:53:21 PM

A 4th quarter lead in 6 of 10 losses is not Cams fault. Not big leads but leads that the D did not hold.

Posted by: hammer1067 | Jul 30, 2013 5:09:19 PM

Is Cam solely or even primarily responsible for the Panthers not winning? I think not. Let's look at last year.

Exhibit 1

The first ATL game the Panthers had the lead (28-27) with 59 seconds left and ATL pinned at it's own 1 yd line. Matt Ryan completes a 59 yd bomb on the first play to the Panther 40 yd line. ATL eventually kicks a 40 yd FG to win the game.


Exhibit 2

The Panthers had the lead against Chicago 22-20 with 2:27 left in the 4th QTR. CHI drove the ball the length of the field and kicked the game winning 41 yd FG with no time left on the clock.


Exhibit 3

The 2nd Tampa Bay the Panthers had a 21-10 lead with 6 minutes left in the game. Two minutes later the Bucs scored a FG to be down 21-13. The Bucs got the ball back on their own 20 with 1:02 left on the clock. They drove the length of the field and scored a TD on a 24 yd pass with 12 seconds left on the clock. They then scored a 2 pt conversion to send the game into OT. In OT the Bucs took the kick off and never gave the ball up scoring a TD to win the game.


That does not even include the pathetic performance of the defense against the worst team in the NFL last year, the KC Chiefs.

Those three or four games would have taken us from 7-9 to 10-6 or 11-5. And the fact is CAR should have won all of them.

That said, the offense needs to do more. The Panthers are scoring only 0.062 pts per yard of offense gained. Teams like the Patriots score 0.081 pts per yd and the 0.076 pts per yd of offense. The Panthers were 12th in total yds gained but only 18th (tied) in total points. The Panthers are just not as efficient on offense as the best teams in the league.

The Panthers are close. I have a feeling this is going to be a big year for Cam and the entire CAR team. Go Panthers!!!

Posted by: Tom | Jul 30, 2013 5:44:30 PM

I think you are going to see Cam make a lot of plays this year like a better version of Ben Roethlisberger

Posted by: Jason | Jul 30, 2013 5:50:38 PM

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