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August 31, 2013

Panthers release Sione Fua, 2011 Panthers draft class shrinks

Cam Newton is now the last remaining player from the Panthers' 2011 draft class on Carolina's active roster.

A source confirmed the Panthers cut ties with DT Sione Fua on Saturday morning. Fua, drafted in the third round in 2011 out of Stanford, had 32 tackles and zero sacks in 24 career appearances for Carolina.

The writing was on the wall this preseason for Fua after the Panthers drafted two defensive tackles--Star Lotulelei and Kawann Short--with their first two draft picks in April.

WR Kealoha Pilares, a fifth-round pick that year, remains with the Panthers, but he's on injured reserve this season. Here's the 2011 draft class:

First round: QB Cam Newton (starting quarterback)

2: Choice traded to New England

3: DT Terrell McClain (released in 2012); DT Sione Fua (released today)

4: CB Brandon Hogan (waived from IR in 2012) 

5: WR Kealoha Pilares (IR)

6: LB Lawrence Wilson (released in 2011); 6. G Zack Williams (released in 2013)

7: Choice to Green Bay; T Lee Ziemba (waived from IR in 2012)

--Jonathan Jones

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I know typos happen, but the word "tacakles" seems like it should be a stat.

Posted by: Matt | Aug 31, 2013 11:49:01 AM

That second round pick that was traded away was also cut!

Posted by: Rob | Aug 31, 2013 12:32:22 PM

If it makes any difference, NE selected Ras-I Dowling with their second round pick from Carolina. Dowling was on IR each of the next two years and was cut at the end of the year.

Posted by: Ray | Aug 31, 2013 12:34:35 PM

This only shows how badly the scouting & draft decisions were in the past. One of eight has never been good! This is what has saddled this franchise over the years along with rewarding those who are no longer performing on the level they are paid!If it makes any difference, NE selected Ras-I Dowling with their second round pick from Carolina. Dowling was on IR each of the next two years and was cut at the end of the year. That would have really added salt to The Panthers wounds if they had made that move as well.

Posted by: Minister William Aaron Berry IIII | Aug 31, 2013 1:09:07 PM

Fua was one big, expensive human pylon. He was on the field, yes, but otherwise invisible.

Posted by: Original Panther Dan | Aug 31, 2013 1:42:24 PM

In 2011, Fua started 11 games and had NINE tackles (4 solo, 5 assists). Because of missing on Fua and McClain in 2011, we had to draft over top of them this year with our first 2 picks, which should have been O-Lineman. We have to nail our middle-round picks moving forward... and stop trading picks away as well.

Posted by: Steven H. | Aug 31, 2013 1:53:38 PM

1 bad draft class that includes the franchise guy and rookie of the year and was CLEARLY his worst draft class is pretty darn good in comparison to some other teams.

anybody see the jaguars 2011 draft class? a 2nd receiver, a special teamer and blaine gabbert. I'll take our class including the armanti edwards deal over that in a heartbeat.

cincinatti had one of the best drafts that year and all they got was green, dalton, and boling. just seems like 2011 was a weak class all in all.

keep in mind that we cut terrell mcclain last year to make room for dwan edwards, and mcclain is now with the texans. not like he's out of the league. thing that hurt fua and mcclain the most was ron edwards being hurt their rookie year. forced them both into double the snaps they should have had. didn't help their development at all.

how about that 2012 draft class? 4 starters, 2 backups and joe adams on IR. and they started as rookies and are starting again, year 2. and the 2 backups both show promise as does joe adams.

good with the bad.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 31, 2013 2:03:17 PM

I dunno, charlottean.... I went to the FanFest and saw Fua standing next to Star Lotulelei with both in pads. Fua looked like a teenager standing next to his dad. Fua doesn't have the leg drive or upper-body strength to be better than the offensive lineman at this level.... simply as that.

Posted by: Steven H. | Aug 31, 2013 2:08:01 PM

i didn't say anything about fua.

however.......with d.j. campbell cut, we have a casualty from the previously entirely intact 2012 class. really surprised they cut him. he was solid last year. we won several games with him playing safety. i'm not on board with mitchell yet.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 31, 2013 3:35:17 PM

oh you meant regarding my comment on ron edwards' injury.

got it.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 31, 2013 3:39:37 PM

Tacackles: tacos made with pork rinds.

Posted by: Yonse | Aug 31, 2013 3:59:58 PM

To those of you whom endlessly cheer for your little Armanti “The Mascot” to earn the 53rd spot on the roster, I say to you: Please understand that A) You’re are not, nor will ever be a true fan of the Carolina Panthers, B) you are cheering for a player who has caught just 5 passes in 35 games, for an astounding 121 yards, over a career that is about to begin it’s 4th season, and C) a player who essentially is the 52nd or 53rd player on the roster, so he’ll barely ever touch the field. Therefore, the ONLY reason why you want him on the team is so you can have another mascot. If you had any football sense at all, you would realize that Armanti will never amount to anything more than a mascot in the NFL. Simply because Ron Rivera “keeps hope alive,” please don’t mistake that for anything more than pure luck, as David Gettis, Kialoah Pilares and Joey Adams ALL play the same position as your beloved mascot, yet all were injured this offseason.
Continue to live in your world of "Armantiland," but this annual move doesn’t benefit the Panthers in the least and simply shows that the end of the roster is used for practice players and spare parts. Don’t kid yourselves, Armanti lovers, as true Panthers fans know you’re only a Panther fan if you have a mascot you can cheer for on the sideline

Posted by: NO More Seatcushions | Sep 1, 2013 6:04:00 AM

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