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August 30, 2013

Video: Jonathan Jones: Ted Ginn Jr. shines in Panthers' preseason finale

The Charlotte Observer's Jonathan Jones reports from Bank of America Stadium where the Panthers beat the Steelers, 25-10 on Thursday night. Ron Rivera spoke highly about newcomer Ted Ginn Jr. who scored two touchdowns.

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He used to do the same thing with the Dolphins during the preseason. Problem was he didnt like to get hit, kept stepping out of bounds.
He'd completely disappear during regular season. The 49'ers aren't stupid, they got tired of it to.

Posted by: Bazinga | Aug 30, 2013 10:14:18 PM

LMAO. Very true Bazinga.

Posted by: D.W.G. | Aug 31, 2013 6:21:53 AM

Wow! This paper sucks. Florence has been cut and so has Clausen...and nothing. I wonder why newspapers are dying?

Posted by: Steven | Aug 31, 2013 9:44:38 AM

Yeah, when the players come here from New York, or Philly, do you think they notice any difference in the local press corp? Personally, I'm glad.

Posted by: Yonse | Sep 2, 2013 11:29:26 PM

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