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October 08, 2013

Panthers release WR Armanti Edwards

The Armanti Edwards experience in Carolina is done.

On Tuesday, the Carolina Panthers released the former Appalachian State quarterback turned NFL receiver, according to a source and multiple reports.

Edwards did not register a catch this season through four games after being called the “training camp MVP” by head coach Ron Rivera at Wofford College this summer. Edwards was the front-runner for the No. 3 wide receiver position for a time at camp before a hamstring injury forced him to sit for the majority of the exhibition games.

Ted Ginn Jr. stepped up when Edwards and newly acquired Domenik Hixon both struggled with preseason injuries to assert himself as the No. 3 receiver as well as the top returner on the team, minimizing the need for Edwards.

Edwards played in 35 games for the Panthers after being drafted in the third round of the 2010 draft. The Panthers and former general manager Marty Hurney gave up a 2011 second-round pick for Edwards, and that picked ended up being the first pick of the second round.

Edwards was a folk hero of sorts in the area, but also polarizing among fans who questioned if he was worthy of such draft status. He rushed twice for 12 yards in his first two seasons and had his best career year in 2012 when he brought in five catches for 121 yards, including an 82-yard reception against Washington. He also saw time as a kick and punt returner.

Carolina now has four receivers on the 53-man roster with two—Brenton Bersin and Cordell Roberson—on the practice squad.

Update (3:55 p.m.) The Panthers have cut Roberson from the practice squad and signed WR Toney Clemons to the practice squad.

--Jonathan Jones

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Good luck to Armanti Edwards in his future career endeavors. It just didn't work out for Armanti nor the Panthers. Another Hurney debacle to remember. The Panthers will sign someone else to the practice squad to take his place on the 53. And so it goes for the 2013 Panthers.

Posted by: Whitecomet77 | Oct 8, 2013 4:08:28 PM

Good Luck Armanti. Seems like he never got a fair shake here.

Posted by: lanman1203 | Oct 8, 2013 4:23:00 PM

One ?. who was the guy that kept him around so long , Receivers coach or someone thought we had a diamond in the rough here...Maybe he should be the one getting booted ,From what Ive seen Edwards never really got any play time, He followed Smith who`s 57 yards per game this year was never ?ed. If Smith is our #1 weve got major issues,From the games I watched Edwards came in after the game was out of reach which leads me to ? .If a receiver is not getting open and not effective why not yank him and give the other receiver a try..BUT NOT AT THE END OF THE GAME...When its out of reach and over. Ill tell you what if another team picks him up and he posts numbers that blow Steve off the chart then we`ll know the deal....( the good old buddy club)

Posted by: anonym | Oct 8, 2013 4:23:11 PM

Never got a fair shake? He got a gift and we blew a draft pick. We could have signed him after the draft, it was one of the worst picks in history. Held on way too long to this project, wasted a lot of time.

I hope Rivera was renting or has contacted a real estate agent. He, Shula, and the rest of the sub-par staff need to be cleaned out. They couldn't coach in Canada.

Posted by: big gulps | Oct 8, 2013 4:33:30 PM

Completely predictable. The guy was a treadmill track star. Showed up in camp and then nothing during the season.

Timing is odd though....I wonder if Rivera asked for this to get the heat off his rump. He has a habit of blaming everyone else for his ineptitude.

Posted by: ATLPanther | Oct 8, 2013 4:36:52 PM

Excellent move. Production is needed.

Posted by: Big Rob | Oct 8, 2013 4:54:22 PM

edwards stinks so does riverra. this team is a mess. the new gm seems to be moving this team in the right direction. next ? when will he let stewart go? hes a second tear back who gets paid like a first tear back. and he is always injured. stop drafting d2 olinemen for godsakes man. they cant hold up. draft some wr,real olineman, and dbs and were set. 9 wins next year maybe 10 if we fire riverra and some other expensive dead weight.

Posted by: Zac jones | Oct 8, 2013 4:54:40 PM

oh and steve smith is washed up just look at his stats. why wont anyone tell smith to shut his mouth and catch a td pass to help newton out.

Posted by: Zac jones | Oct 8, 2013 4:56:36 PM

Why do I get the bad feeling that the Patriots will pick him up and he will be running all over the field on that Monday Night game!

Posted by: joe cool | Oct 8, 2013 4:59:37 PM

Of course he didn't do anything when e never got the ball, he never had an oopurtunity, great selection by the panthers but you can't select someone as a building project then not give him a shot on the field. Can't put somebody on at the end Of the game, that doesn't show his talent give him some first team snaps. Armanti was a hell of an athlete and had exceptional speed and was getting his hands better and better

Posted by: James | Oct 8, 2013 4:59:51 PM

Hope he doesn`t land in Denver Or New England or mostly New Orleans, Those QB`s would make him look like he shouldve been the #1 receiver in Carolina. JUST SAYIN...

Posted by: anonym | Oct 8, 2013 5:01:08 PM

he definitely didn't get a fair shake, but ginn has been productive as our number 3. he definitely isn't the better receiver all around, but he's a proven guy that stepped in and fits perfectly with cam, smith, lafell, and olsen.

i imagine that gettleman will use the 1-3 status as reason enough to start purging hurney's players.

if the year is looking lost......ANY money that can be saved for next year should be. but this team is NOWHERE near 1-3 caliber talent.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 8, 2013 5:27:25 PM

So who do we sign from here?

Posted by: Rock-Steady | Oct 8, 2013 7:59:45 PM

A new coach first thing we need to spend the money and get one with balls

Posted by: dtavernia | Oct 8, 2013 8:14:12 PM

we need one with a brain more than one with balls. rivera has the balls he just lacks the brain.

Posted by: charlottean | Oct 8, 2013 8:30:30 PM

Yeah, Armanti totally got a fair shake when the QB didn't throw to him, and every pass thrown to him was caught unless it was 20 ft in the air.... He only got utilized as a punt returner. Go back to your armchair, Mr. Coach.

Posted by: Joe | Oct 8, 2013 9:16:40 PM

Jonathan Stewart you are next to go. Loved ya in your prime but you are making way too much money to sit on the sideline in street clothes. See ya.

Posted by: NFL Scout | Oct 8, 2013 10:28:00 PM

3 years to get it done is unfair? He was over his head the whole time. Not his fault that he was drafted so out of position, but he clearly was. It was past time to close the chapter on this one.

Posted by: Sports don | Oct 9, 2013 12:28:40 AM

Does anyone else agree we fire Rivera and go after a guy like Lovie Smith? And for god sakes let Cam run more, it's what he's good at and keeps the D on their toes. He's 6'5" 245lbs. the last thing to worry about is him gettin hurt, he's superman!!!! I hope were in the running to get Marquis Lee because at this point it's what we're playing for. It's time to give up on Lafell and try and cut ties with one of the RBs I think Barner will have a future at some point.

Posted by: Cody K | Oct 9, 2013 1:51:29 AM

Rivera and the entire staff need to evaluate players performance weekly, I noticed on the nfl wire colume that Green Bay Packers do this and have a chart so everyone sees there results.Check it out here.

Posted by: anonym | Oct 9, 2013 6:23:47 AM

My ribs hurt.

Posted by: JedaveonClowney | Oct 9, 2013 8:27:58 AM

Sad to see Armanti go. I have no doubt he'll get picked up by another team and have an opportunity to flourish. On the flip side, I think Gettleman is making a much needed statement to the organization and fans that a long overdue cleaning of the house will take place if we can't win games.

Posted by: AppStater00 | Oct 9, 2013 9:37:17 AM

If winning now is the goal, and I assume it is, and if the offense really could not move the ball against a highly touted college defense like Alabama, and it can't, and if receiving is a big part of that problem, which it is and has been for years, I wonder if the Cardinals would trade Fitzgerald to us and if so for what?

Posted by: Annon | Oct 9, 2013 9:56:20 AM

I agree. Tough to see AE go. We traded Beason for a day 2 draft pick next year and now cut AE even though he had a great camp. Not sure about this Gettleman fella.

Posted by: JedaveonClowney | Oct 9, 2013 9:56:44 AM

AE was an all star at a community college people, get over it. He would've been average or maybe a little better at a real university program, that has shown itself plainly the last few years.

All you Crap State fans need to go back to playing hacky sack and stop talking about the NFL.

Posted by: big gulps | Oct 9, 2013 10:02:40 AM

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