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February 18, 2014

Newton back at Auburn after busy month

In the month since his first NFL playoff appearance, Cam Newton has spent a week in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, did a week of media at the Super Bowl and hosted an awards show this past weekend in California.

Now, he’s back in school.

Newton is taking three credit hours this semester at Auburn after getting a late start due to his playoff, Pro Bowl and other professional obligations.

“It was a promise to my mom. The athletic side was my father, he was worried about my play on the field,” Newton said Monday. “And the nurturing mom came out and said whatever school you decide to go to, please just make the promise and pact with me that you’re going to graduate. And I told her that I would. I’m a man of my word and I’m sticking to it.”

He won’t be able to graduate at the end of this semester due to his late start. Newton says he needs two more credits to graduate, and he doesn’t yet know if he’ll take summer school or wait until the spring semester of 2015.

He left Auburn in 2011 before completing his sociology degree, but he’s gone back during the offseasons to try to finish it.

The Panthers quarterback spends the majority of his time in his hometown of Atlanta and commutes to Auburn, which is a 112-mile drive down Interstate 85. According to thewareaglereader.com, Newton has been on campus since the beginning of February.

In the summer, Newton will again be splitting his time in Georgia and Auburn, but not for school. His foundation will host 7-on-7 football tournaments for high school-aged players from May through July in Atlanta, Birmingham and Charlotte. The championship tournament will be held July 11-12 at Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill.

“This is something that I want to do—give back to my community and give back to the states that have given to me,” Newton said. “I’m starting the journey with Atlanta and I’m going to finish it in Charlotte. With me going to school in Alabama, I didn’t want to be biased and host it at Auburn. I wanted to host it at a neutral site where a lot of kids could come out. It’s me giving back but also creating opportunities for kids to be seen.”

  • Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith will host his seventh annual two-day football camp on June 12-13 at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte. Click here for camp registration and details.
  • Cornerback Drayton Florence is also hosting a 7-on-7 tournament. Through his foundation, the defensive back is hosting the tournament in Florida, and coaches can sign up their teams here.

--Jonathan Jones


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I bet his transcript is interesting. Credits from Florida, Blinn College, Auburn and who knows where else.

I like that he is finishing his degree. Good example.

Posted by: tony clifton | Feb 18, 2014 3:40:31 PM

If he was gone for two weeks during this semester, how would he get any academic credit for this semester? SACS requires 800 minutes of classroom time for credit hour. Maybe Auburn gets SACS probation for this if the auditors check the attendance logs?

Posted by: Gene Chizik | Feb 18, 2014 7:59:37 PM

Well I went to college, so maybe I can do the "advanced" math. Fourteen weeks in the semester, he missed two. A quick look online indicates that the Federal credit hour standard that SACS uses consists of one hour classroom (or equivalent) and two hours of student work outside of the classroom. So 180 minutes of class time for fourteen weeks equals 2520 classroom minutes, or 840 possible minutes per hour. If he missed an entire two weeks that would give him a max of 2140 minutes, or 720 per credit hour. Another quick search of Auburn's academic calendar shows three classroom makeup days this semester. If these are limited to 60 minutes each that would add an additional 180 minutes, which would average to 780 minutes per hour. So basically he would be one 60 minute class short of the 800 minute requirement, having missed three classes for the semester.

With that being said, it is very possible that he only missed five classes instead of six during the first two weeks, as MLK day on 1/20 fell on a Monday and for three day per week classes there would have only been two held that week. In that case, attending the make up classes puts him exactly at the 800 minute mark per credit hour. I would imagine that his academic advisor had this figured out and that is why he started when he did, as that is kind of his job. Doubtful that Cam just wandered on to campus when he was good and ready.

As for SACS probation, I would imagine that there are a good number of students at nearly every university that miss three classes in a semester and still get credit. I know I did. The Federal requirements that SACS uses has an entire section on flexibility and the intent behind these guidelines. If Cam or any other student does the required work and meets all the other requirements, odds are that they will get the credit. The idea that a student getting credit when missing one too many classes would lead to SACS probation for the institution is laughable. The purpose of these guidelines is to set a uniform standard to ensure the quality of education, not to be punitive.

Posted by: Otis | Feb 18, 2014 11:51:21 PM

Dang, the cam hater just got some science dropped on him! BAM!

Posted by: Craig | Feb 19, 2014 8:23:06 AM

He couldv'e gotten a degree much quicker from UNC. A little self-directed distance course...and he's all diploma'd up.

Posted by: tony clifton | Feb 19, 2014 12:16:34 PM

Quit hating people. He doesn't do this to appease you or your standards for him. He does it because he was raised right and it is the right thing to do. True Panther Nation fans are proud of you SuperCam


Posted by: Nice math Genius | Feb 19, 2014 9:46:40 PM

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Posted by: Daryle w | Mar 1, 2014 10:10:18 AM

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