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June 09, 2014

Former Carolina WR LaFell: Patriots work 'a little harder' than Panthers

It’s clear Brandon LaFell really enjoys being with the Patriots.

Less than three months after angering Carolina Panthers fans for a perceived slight at Cam Newton, the former Panthers wide receiver recently said the Patriots work harder in offseason workouts than the Panthers.

“The way we work, they way we practice, is all new [to me],” LaFell said, according to an ESPN.com blog. “It’s not like we didn’t work hard in Carolina, but we work a little harder here.”

The article’s author, Mike Reiss, notes LaFell didn’t mean any disrespect to the Panthers, an organization that drafted him in the third round of the 2010 draft out of LSU.

Reiss offered one example of coach Bill Belichick made the entire defense run a lap after a personnel error during voluntary workouts.

In another interview with MassLive.com, LaFell said quarterback Tom Brady “demands the best out of everybody.”

LaFell played four seasons with the Panthers and totaled 2,385 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was plagued by drops in his career despite being the team's No. 2 receiver for his final two seasons. In 2013, he had 627 yards and five touchdowns.

A free agent after the season, LaFell went to the Patriots for a three-year, $9 million contract. Shortly after signing with New England, he said pointed to New England’s string of success and Brady as draws in free agency.

“I had a chance to play with a Hall of Fame quarterback,” LaFell said, referring to Brady. “One day Cam will be there probably, but he’s not there now.

“I feel like it was a better chance to come up here and get more balls and win than it was in Carolina. Nothing against those guys. It’s a great organization and those guys are going to win, but it’s proven up here, man. We were winning last year in Carolina. These guys were winning up here the last 10-plus years. So why not come to a winning organization?”

Those comments set off Panthers fans. Many responded to LaFell on Twitter, who later swore to take a one-month sabbatical from Twitter.

On Sunday after his latest comments comparing New England to Carolina, LaFell had another message for people.


--Jonathan Jones

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So that explains all the drops. He wasn't working hard enough. Lafell should just keep his mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open his mouth and remove all doubt.

Posted by: James Reed | Jun 9, 2014 9:46:58 AM

I can't wait until the Patriots cut this guy. We know Cam is not the most accurate of them all, but I can't begin to count the number of times Cam has put the ball on this guy's chest and the ball ended up on the ground. Good riddens Lafell.

Posted by: Smitty | Jun 9, 2014 9:47:25 AM

coming for a guy who dropped passes that hit both of his hands on a regular basis. our WRs now are way better than he was. He isn't worth 9 mill either. Jody Breeze will still suck in NE

Posted by: J | Jun 9, 2014 9:48:49 AM

Remind me...who won when we played them last year? So, what's his point?

Posted by: Chris | Jun 9, 2014 9:57:44 AM

Maybe they will teach him to catch a football like he did while at LSU.

Posted by: CHARLES | Jun 9, 2014 10:29:43 AM

I wish him nothing but success. I meet him on the 2014 Panthers cruise and he is the most down to earth and kindest person you would want to meet. He interacted with the fans and kids and was just really cool to talk to. Even when we were out roaming around the boat, he would stop and talk and took time out of vacation to pall basketball with a bunch of little kids on the ship. Good luck Lafell. I will miss seeing you in a Panthers uniform.

Posted by: Donna | Jun 9, 2014 10:31:29 AM

What a peace of junk. Not pats. BUT, butter fingers Madagascar;) lol...aka can't catch a cold!

Posted by: Clint | Jun 9, 2014 10:31:54 AM

Seems Panthers' fans can't let LaFell go. Why the obsession?

Posted by: RB Ron | Jun 9, 2014 10:32:06 AM


Posted by: Clint | Jun 9, 2014 10:32:37 AM

Stop being so sensitive Panthers fans. He has his opinion. Move on and stop crying.

Posted by: Crybaby | Jun 9, 2014 11:14:41 AM

Brandon Brickhands LaFell.. Doesn't matter who throws the ball to you bud, if it hits you in the numbers and you drop it that's on you. You also claim the Patriots work a little harder.. but who won at BOFA last season? Maybe the Patriots NEED to work harder.. clown.

Posted by: Hugo | Jun 9, 2014 11:18:44 AM

Not only do they work harder, they also work smarter.

Posted by: tony | Jun 9, 2014 11:26:16 AM

If he makes the Patriots roster, I can't wait until he drops his first pass from Brady and Brady gets in his face and dresses him down. Can't wait!

Posted by: Sugarbugga | Jun 9, 2014 11:29:59 AM

Release the Kraken!!!

Posted by: The Kraken | Jun 9, 2014 11:56:42 AM

Nobody is sensitive. We are upset because his opinion is not needed. Especially from a guy who has dropped as many passes as he has. If Steve Smith (the best WR is our history) isn't throwing shade at our QB or our work ethic, then why on earth is this guy? He needs to stay away from the media and get to a juggs machine.

Posted by: Smitty | Jun 9, 2014 12:05:01 PM

Oh Lafell. Yeah, no one misses him at all. When people talk about the receivers we lost in the offseason, most people talk about Steve Smith, if not him, then Ted Ginn Jr. People would rather talk about two aged veterans than a young guy like Lafell, lol. He should just stop talking about Carolina because most peeps have forgotten he even played here.

Posted by: El | Jun 9, 2014 12:26:00 PM

Jonathan Jones, what was the point of this "article?" The team has moved on with new receivers - this ball-dropping hack is not worth the time and effort to write or read about!

Posted by: Roger Goodell | Jun 9, 2014 12:26:03 PM

I always thought of Lafell as Mr. Dependable. I could always depend on him when it was crunch time to find a db to hug or a safety to make proper introductions. When the game was on the line it was always easy to find him.
Name one defining moment is this guys career. A moment where when the chips were down and he found a way to win the game. I'm drawing a blank...
Brady will find Lafell enough that he should put up decent numbers. NE passes more than we do. I believe that both Brady and Belicheat will come to realize that he is a liability when the game is there to be won.
As for Lafell's perceived slights toward the Panthers, I believe he is feeling a bit guilty for not giving his all while playing here. And maybe a lot hurt for getting fired for the first time in his life.

Posted by: deepenwide | Jun 9, 2014 12:58:03 PM

Good luck in the upcoming football season Mr Lafail.

Posted by: Crispy Bacon | Jun 9, 2014 1:57:40 PM

Been a Panther fan since day one and I feel his comments are dead on

Posted by: PantherJohn | Jun 9, 2014 2:06:21 PM

even if he is correct, and the Pats practice "harder"....wouldn't you want to be a leader and do whatever you can to be a part of that change? not just change your location or expect it to change?

I mean, just like anything else....if you are not part of the answer, you are part of the problem. maybe Gettleman realized Lafell was part of the problem...

Posted by: Clay | Jun 9, 2014 2:16:25 PM

Are we expecting him to say the Patriots run things like we do? haha

I hope they do things better, they are the best franchise the last decade or so. We need to learn from them instead of be upset.

Posted by: tony clifton | Jun 9, 2014 2:18:27 PM

Let's see if Brady pops the eardrum on Brandon leball-Lafell-on-leground...again.

Posted by: Hardrocker | Jun 9, 2014 2:43:37 PM

You wouldn't have responded back if you weren't sensitive Smitty.

Posted by: Crybaby | Jun 9, 2014 4:07:23 PM

Hilarious how people try to accuse LaFell for drops during his career here when he had the lowest drop rate on the team for three of his four years here.

Posted by: GregHicks | Jun 9, 2014 4:25:55 PM

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