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June 11, 2014

Newton says receiving group knows it's projected 'sorriest receivers in the NFL'

Cam Newton knows what has been said about the new Carolina Panthers receiving corps.

The team did not return a single wide receiver who caught a pass for the team in 2013 after Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn Jr. and Domenik Hixon all found new homes in free agency. And in articles, blogs and TV shows across the nation, Carolina's receiving group has been lambasted.

Newton said it's not only an insult to the receivers, it's an insult to him.

"The elephant in the room has already been stated," Newton said. "Those guys have already accepted the challenge. You don’t have to go in there and tell those guys, 'Hey, you’re projected the sorriest receiver (group) in the NFL.' We already know.

"But with that, those guys already have that fire in their eyes. I would rather those guys be like that and for them to go out there and bust their tails like they’ve been doing. It’s kind of like a slap in--not only their face--but my face as well. The things that have been said, the reports, who cares? Because at the end of the day, we will be ready to play football, and Carolina Panthers football. Hard-nosed, and everybody’s going to have to do their job.

"This is something that is not new. This is something that was expected last year. This is something that was expected the year before that, five years before that, 10 years before that. At the end of the day, when you look around those 11 specific position, everyone has to do their job. And I have no doubt in my mind, come game time, everyone will be on the same page with doing their rightful obligation."

--Jonathan Jones

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I am so glad that they know. This is what they needed. Awesome. They will prove the naysayers wrong.

Posted by: Joshua David La Russa | Jun 11, 2014 2:22:05 PM

At least they know .... Bahahahaha they've known that for too long. The naysayers are right. Jericho Cotchery is right now their most experienced. Enough said

Posted by: Ralph Heath | Jun 11, 2014 2:30:30 PM

I am not worried about the WRs. They only have to catch 10 passes a game to equal last year. Cotchery and Benjamin are good for 4 each - at least. Throw in a couple to Avant/Underwood and a couple to McNutt/King and you have improvement (12).

People forget all the WR drops last year and the fact Ginn and Smith are short guys who required near perfect throws from Cam. LaFell was a drop machine in Carolina and he was the only WR target for Cam over 5'8".

Steve Smith was great when he had his speed - but that is gone and expect him to be average in Baltimore. All of Cam's targets are over 5'11 now - and Benjamin is 6'5".

Don't get me wrong - I am a Steve Smith and Ted Ginn fan but because they are short they were not effective in the red zone. The Panthers left so many points on the board the last couple seasons because Olsen was the only real target inside the 10 or 15 year line. Cotchery, Benjamin and Dixon will be deadly inside the 20 - along with Olsen.

Posted by: Dom | Jun 11, 2014 2:36:41 PM

What difference does it make? This coach thinks that Cam Newton is a running back. Why do we need receivers?

Posted by: Ferris | Jun 11, 2014 2:56:11 PM

Gettleman has a plan...to go from 12-4 to 4-12.

Posted by: Whitecomet77 | Jun 11, 2014 2:57:26 PM

We are flying under the radar just like me and my Panthers like it. And as usual we will have a bunch if bandwagoners at the end of the season when we are back in the playoffs, back to back NFC SOUTH CHAMPS. CAUSE OUR TEAM PUNCHED ALL THE HATERS AND NAYSAYERS IN THE MOUTH. WE GUCCI WIT IT. #IBELIEVE #BACK2BACK #NFCSOUTHCHAMPS #SUPERBOWLBOUND #KEEPPOUNDING #PANTHERNATION

Posted by: Lee Blango | Jun 11, 2014 2:58:02 PM

Dixon was let go my friend we are going to let Berlin just up he is gonna shock some ppl this year I think he will be a mold of Jordy Nelson

Posted by: Adam. winston salem nc | Jun 11, 2014 3:01:32 PM

"The things that have been said, the reports, who cares?"

Obviously you do. If you didn't you wouldn't be "insulted".

Posted by: Naslund Starmine | Jun 11, 2014 3:01:45 PM

Lee Blango with that grandpa caps lock game.

Posted by: Jamie | Jun 11, 2014 3:42:33 PM

Well, of course Cam has to say that. He's a Captain and the quarterback. But deep inside, he's got to have a cold, hard feeling in his stomach about this season.

These guys aren't going to be able to get open, which means Cam is going to have to scramble more, and he'll get hit more. He's going to throw a lot of picks because he's not going to be sure where guys are but, being Cam, he's going to let it fly anyway.

And the Panthers aren't going to equal last year's record, and probably not make the playoffs at all. It's a passing league now.

Posted by: archie | Jun 11, 2014 3:50:51 PM

This years unit @WR WILL be superior to last years out the gate. Ted Ginn was a returner playing WR. The Panthers got more than they expected from him last year. Steve Smith is bitter & past his time of prominence for The Panthers. These players are younger & hungrier ready to make there name in The NFL. You can NOT get too caught up in names or reputations in THE NFL. Experience is good but youth is better & TALENT reigns SUPREME! Steve Smith would never allow anybody to advance beyond him so that had to be addressed. The Panthers were NOT supposed to win nor be in the playoffs last year. The history is NOT the future of this team. Cam Newton is the QB to lead this team & doing things as in the past only repeats the past. "It is what it is" IT IS A NEW DAY & NEW WAY TO WIN IN CAROLINA! Be part of it or wait & only be fair weather fans. The Panthers have a NEW PLAN TO IMPROVE & PLAY. NEW NAMES TO CHEER FOR GET USED TO IT!

Posted by: William Aaron Berry II | Jun 11, 2014 3:53:09 PM

It's a passing league now? The top two teams in the NFC were 26th and 30th in passing offense last year. They won by defense. The 26th ranked passing offense won the Super Bowl.

Posted by: Mark | Jun 11, 2014 4:04:57 PM

Also, the Panthers were 29th in passing offense last year. If we improve in the red zone by picking up Cotchery and then drafting Benjamin, then we have improved over last year.

Posted by: Mark | Jun 11, 2014 4:16:12 PM

We Carolina are ready for the challenge at hand. Die hard panther fan from Louisiana. Let's go prove we the best this year.

Posted by: Joseph governor | Jun 11, 2014 4:29:17 PM

We Carolina are ready for the challenge at hand. Die hard panther fan from Louisiana. Let's go prove we the best this year.

Posted by: Joseph governor | Jun 11, 2014 4:29:18 PM


They will not make the Playoffs or win 8 games.

EVERY team has been upgraded except the PANTHERS...

Atlanta - Better
New Orleans - Better
Tampa Bay - Much BETTER
Carolina - WORSE

Posted by: Panthers SUCK | Jun 11, 2014 4:29:33 PM

Panthers are worse?
The Panthers defense has improved with the additions at Corner and Safety, and by drafting Ealy whom had a first round grade.
They added Turner (whom was the 2nd rated offensive guard in the whole draft), and Bell will do very well at Left Tackle (that he has lost weight to play). If you ask me they are better than last year and will be better in the redzone.

Posted by: Mark | Jun 11, 2014 4:44:40 PM

All these so called "experts" forgot that Carolina was in the bottom of the league in passing. If Carolina brought in the Top 5 wide receivers in the league the doubters would say Cam is mediocre. We can't win....

Posted by: Kendo | Jun 11, 2014 5:06:47 PM

I'll take Jason Avant over Ted Ginn at WR any day. Same with Jericho Cotchery and Brandon Lafell. Benjamin will make every forget about losing Steve Smith(the Steve he is at this point in his career). Going back to the Duo TE packages will make a big difference. I also expect Tolbert to get more touches

Posted by: Gee | Jun 11, 2014 5:27:48 PM

You should know.... Suck, your last name is Sucks? Have you ever watched football? Who is your team btw?

Posted by: Jarrod | Jun 11, 2014 6:09:50 PM

Panthers SUCK - you are obviously either an Aints, Falcants, or Tampon Bay fan. Stop it with the hate. Panthers are one of the NFL's elite, face it... you know why? Their #2 ranked defense IMPROVED, and their offense got better. Their strength of schedule also got a bit lighter, and I'll be the first to admit... Their matchups within their own division will be the make all break all for them... This year I believe and will be the first to admit, it'll be difficult to go 3-3 against their divisional foes. The Panthers have an ELITE defense... if they can avoid the injury bug through training camp and the first half of the season- they'll be contenders again.

Posted by: Panthers SUCK SUCKS | Jun 11, 2014 6:13:05 PM

You Cam Newton haters must have short memory.... I think Shula is too conservative.... Cam can throw some mega yardage with the right play calling. His production dropped when Chud left. Cam Has plenty of ability

Posted by: Jarrod | Jun 11, 2014 6:13:58 PM

Hey mr suck, have you ever watched football?

Posted by: Jarrod | Jun 11, 2014 6:16:12 PM

Damn Panther haterz on this blog ? Piss off !!!

Posted by: nasty704 | Jun 11, 2014 7:29:05 PM

To say that Gettlemans plan is to go from 12-4 to 4-12 is just plain stupid. Who wants to go 4-12? What kind of fans do we have here? This posses me off. Support the team or get out!!! Simple and plain. You'll never hear me say anything negative about the Carolina Panthers....never! I'm a die-hard! I bleed Panthers blue.

Posted by: Ron | Jun 11, 2014 8:36:47 PM

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