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August 07, 2014

Still no decision for Newton's play vs. Bills

SPARTANBURG The Panthers are still mum on if Cam Newton will play in Friday’s exhibition against Buffalo, but the quarterback is approaching it as if he will play.

Newton, still getting treatment for offseason ankle surgery, would not play more than two series if he does play against the Bills. Rivera has said he would do little more than handing the ball off.

"Do I want to play? I do," Newton said Thursday. "I think this is an opportunity for me to play, but at the end of the day I’m sticking to the program."

Newton did individual wide receiver drills Thursday and worked with quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey off to the side. Midway through practice he rode the cart to the training room to get treatment with head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion.

“R.V. was going to take him up, work on that ankle and see where that ankle exactly is,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “It’s a chance for R.V. to get his hands on (him) and really see where Cam is in terms of his progress.

“Again, it’s part of the process we’re going through in terms of what he’s going to do. Obviously it’s going to be limited whatever it is. The thing we all have to understand is we’re going through this process that we’ve mapped out and talked about.”

The “part of the process” has been a common refrain for Rivera recently as he attempts to quell any fears of Newton not being 100 percent by the regular season. Wednesday Newton was as limited as he had been all camp, and Thursday he participated even less.

Without specifically naming players, Rivera said he doesn’t want to be like other teams in the past that have trotted out their quarterbacks when they weren’t fully healthy.

“We want to learn from those things and make sure we are set and ready to go with our quarterback,” Rivera said.

“I’m just saying we want to make sure when we get our guy on the field, he’s ready to roll.”

Rivera has said he has worried Newton will want to do too much on the field during a game. At practice he's been limited with no designed runs or scrambles, but Newton could improvise in a game.

"I’m going to try to win," Newton said. "We play this game for one reason and one reason only. We practice for one reason and one reason only: to win the day," Newton said. "If I have an opportunity to go out there and the opportunity presents itself, of course I’m going to do anything to put my team in a position to win." 

--Jonathan Jones

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Why would they play him?
These preseason games are nothing more than the biggest ripoff in all of professional sports.
Requiring season ticket holders to purchase these games at full regular season price for 1 maybe 2 series of the starters should be illegal.

Posted by: Fred | Aug 7, 2014 1:41:58 PM

It's too early for the Riverboat captain to gamble. Let Cam continue his prescribed rehab, see how the O-line handles the Bills and put him on the field next week vs the Chiefs!

Posted by: Jimmy Grappone | Aug 7, 2014 1:49:31 PM

Really doesn't matter whether he plays or not in the 1st preseason game. However, part of getting past an injury is mental, at some point Newton has to throw caution to the wind and play.
Lots of people say preseason play doesn't matter, I believe players need to play in order to get ready, especially if they're getting past an injury.
It's hard to gain confidence in the ankle if you're holding a clipboard.

Posted by: Kenny | Aug 7, 2014 4:48:02 PM

No brainier. Let Cam sit this out.

Posted by: par404 | Aug 7, 2014 7:03:50 PM

Let him play 2 or 3 series handing off and passing only....IF HE GETS HEAVY PRESSURE TELL HIM TO GO DOWN and not take a chance remember its pre-season.He needs the game speed with his new receivers against the 1st team defense to see what hes got to work with on the 1st 2 series. What do you guys think????

Posted by: joe | Aug 7, 2014 9:37:28 PM

Release the Kraken!!!

Posted by: The Kraken | Aug 8, 2014 9:01:23 AM

I agree with that, Joe.

Posted by: Nasty704 | Aug 8, 2014 9:06:06 AM

Hey guys, thanks for all the concern. It's still up in the air, but I don't think the staff will let me play tonight. Keep pounding! Thanks to all who came out to the Epicentre and got the Cammy Cam BOGO coupons.

Posted by: Cameron Newton | Aug 8, 2014 1:20:15 PM

Mr Newton, thank you for the BOGO coupon. When will you be at the Epicentre again?

Posted by: John Downing | Aug 8, 2014 3:54:39 PM

Cam, you're one cool cat.

That cammy cam juice is sweeter than gatorade. Why can't you tell us what is in it? I had tons of energy after only a few sips man!!

Posted by: tony clifton | Aug 8, 2014 4:20:58 PM

Release the woman beater!!!

Posted by: Panthers1995 | Aug 8, 2014 8:26:41 PM

Barner looks to be in over his head...We should of somehow kept Ginn cause I do not see his replacement yet....O-line where is the run blocking our first team D got it handed to them other than the goal line stop...Anyone agree????

Posted by: joe | Aug 9, 2014 4:46:24 PM

Pilarse has shown me nothing over 2 or 3 seasons ...Is Brokel really better than Zordich at full back??? Zordich had a great seal block on the touchdown last night and can play special teams....Barner??? Same as pilares to me .just calling it as I see it.Antone seeing the same???

Posted by: joe | Aug 9, 2014 4:52:14 PM

Its a good thing Williams and Stewart did not play there was no running lanes . The O-line coach needs called out on this now, he's got to be more creative with blocking schemes he is not getting the attention of the offensive lineman...Is this the same offensive line coach we've had the last several years if so somebody needs a fire lit under them a long time ago to correct this problem..Or a more youthful and knowledgeable and aggresive o-line coach should have been brought in. Its embarrassing to have 2 number 1 running backs but the QB gets more rushing yards than those RBs out of blown plays.I don't see how the O-line coach has kept his job????? Not talking about Ricky Prohle he's the offensive coordinator!

Posted by: anonymous | Aug 10, 2014 1:14:31 AM

Yes I know its only preseason but I'm diagnosing the first stringers that start the game for the first 2 or 3 series....I see similar issues that never get fixed.We already know what Olsen can do so let's see what King,Brandon Williams,Brensen Bersin and Zordich can do with the first teamers out there that's the only way will ever see there worth.Can I get an Amen anyone.

Posted by: anonymous | Aug 10, 2014 1:29:32 AM

My bad Mike Shula is the offensive coordinator, Profile is the receivers coach.

Posted by: anonymous | Aug 10, 2014 1:33:43 AM

Thanks Tony Clifton. You are becoming a great spokesman for Cammy Cam Juice. Keep pounding!

Posted by: Cameron Newton | Aug 11, 2014 4:34:21 PM

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