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August 03, 2014

Kugbila to undergo spinal surgery this week

SPARTANBURG -- Carolina Panthers guard Edmund Kugbila will undergo spinal surgery Friday in New York, the latest in a string of health issues for the second-year player.

Kugbila, the Panthers' fourth-round pick from Division II Valdosta State in 2013, said the surgery is to repair cracks in his spinal cord. He said he's not sure if it's a chronic condition or developed recently.

Despite the sensitive nature of spinal surgery and a history of injuries since entering the NFL, Kugbila said he has given no thoughts of retiring.

"Not really," he said Sunday. "I love the game too much. I'm not really focused on that."

Friday's procedure will be the fourth surgery for Kugbila since the spring of 2013. He underwent arthroscopic surgery last May to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee.

After being sidelined with a strained hamstring early in training camp last year, he re-injured his knee in August and had reconstructive surgery in September on the posterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments.

When the knee began swelling during rehab, Kugbila had minor, clean-out surgery.

Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman said recently Kugbila has worked hard in his various rehabs, but has been a victim of bad luck.

"It's all right," Kugbila said. "God's got me."

--Joseph Person

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Posted by: MrTouchdown | Aug 3, 2014 1:28:20 PM

How does one crack the spinal CORD?
The vertebral COLUMN I could understand, but "cracking" a CORD is more than a bit confusing.
I fully understand that some matters are personal between a man and his doctor. What is contained and released in this article makes no sense.

Posted by: criolle johnny | Aug 3, 2014 5:39:34 PM

He'll recover and have a long and productive career, just like I did.

Posted by: Jeff Otah | Aug 3, 2014 7:19:40 PM

Otah 2.0, reach an injury settlement already and free up the roster spot.

Posted by: Rick B. | Aug 4, 2014 8:34:05 AM

Release the Kraken!!!

Posted by: The Kraken | Aug 4, 2014 8:47:41 AM

Once Mr Rivera sees my combine video, I will replace Edmund Kugbila on the roster.

Posted by: John Downing | Aug 4, 2014 11:15:15 AM

let's keep in mind that he's been holding one of those spots that gaffney could have had.

Posted by: charlottean | Aug 4, 2014 1:24:39 PM

Thanks for the free money suckers!

Posted by: Tyler Gaffney | Aug 4, 2014 2:37:17 PM

It's a damn shame. Has this dude EVER been on the field ? His name is synonymous with surgery.

Posted by: Nasty704 | Aug 5, 2014 10:39:46 AM

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: very unpleasant to see, smell, taste, etc.

: indecent and offensive

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Posted by: www.merriam-webster.com | Aug 5, 2014 11:13:58 AM

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