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August 11, 2014

Rivera wants more heat, intensity at practice

SPARTANBURG -- The heat turned up at Panthers' training camp Monday, and so did the intensity -- at least for the first half of practice.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera talked to his players for about five minutes after the 2-hour morning session wrapped up, reminding them to finish practice with the same effort level.

After mostly unseasonably cool temperatures for the first two weeks of camp, Monday was a hot, humid day in Spartanburg. Rivera said the conditions may have sapped his team's energy.

"I know it was tough. I know it started getting hot and muggy. You could feel the humidity," Rivera said. "But you've got to fight it because that's probably what we're going to face when we go to Tampa Bay."

Right tackle Nate Chandler returned and had a good practice after missing Sunday's practice with a knee injury.

During team drills at the end of practice, veteran Garry Williams replaced Byron Bell at left tackle. Rivera didn't know why the move was made, but said Bell had a minor knee issue flare up earlier at practice.

Two members of the defensive end rotation were out -- rookie Kony Ealy (left foot) and Mario Addison (stomach bug). Backup OL Derek Dennis also sat out with flulike symptoms.

Backup RB Darrin Reaves left early with a knee injury.

--Joseph Person

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Offensive line did not impress Friday night. A continued inability to run the football effectively will stifle the offense this season like it did at times last year. It is a big concern still going into season and I'm not optimistic it will get fixed. Defense will likely put us in a lot of great field positions this year, but it may be frustrating watching the offense try to do something with it.

Posted by: Steve | Aug 11, 2014 12:59:24 PM

Release the Kraken!!!

Posted by: The Kraken | Aug 11, 2014 1:12:40 PM

Where is Steve Smith?

Posted by: Jerry Richardson | Aug 11, 2014 1:24:36 PM

Friday's game at least gave insight into player management. Blanchard out, Webb in, Pilares out, King in.B. Williams very in, McNeill probably out. Barner on thin ice, Klein moved down. Bersin, Underwood? McNutt, Philly Brown, Lucas need a chance.

Run blocking was horrible and Bell sets too deep on passes. If Cam plays like Webb did, all year, he's all pro.

Posted by: qdog112 | Aug 11, 2014 1:24:45 PM


Will we ever go into a season with a roster that is capable of winning? When will Jerry sell this team to an owner who wants to win, not just line his wallet? Sad times, at least the city has the Hornets.

Posted by: Truth | Aug 11, 2014 1:37:13 PM

Truth is a lie. You have no clue dude.

Posted by: Buju | Aug 11, 2014 1:45:20 PM

Buju, I have forgotten more about the NFL game than you have ever known. This is the same old kitty cats team. One decent season, followed by two horrible seasons, followed by another decent one. You are Jerry's wet dream, a fan who thinks the pile of poo he has been selling you smells like candy. You can't get enough of the worst run professional team in the nation.

No back to back winning seasons in almost twenty years. PATHETIC!!!

Posted by: Truth | Aug 11, 2014 1:54:27 PM

The Panthers had never had the Offensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year & the Coach of the Year in 3 consecutive seasons until recently. Nor had the Panthers ever had 4 consecutive seasons where their win total increased, until the last 4 years. Point being, that "no back to back winning seasons" streak is getting ready to end. But I do agree that is a pathetic stat.

It is odd that you would claim to know so much about NFL football yet fail to recognize a team that is returning the main components of the #2 overall Defense from a year ago, last year's Coach of the Year, a young QB that is doing nothing but improving year after year (not to mention by the far the best QB this franchise has ever had), as well as a rookie WR that looks mighty good and come up with the comment, "Will we ever go into a season with a roster that is capable of winning?" Sorry "Truth", but I just have to laugh at that. But we'll see how correct your prediction of 5-11 turns out. I'm thinking not too good.

Posted by: David I | Aug 11, 2014 2:35:34 PM

Best Panther interview ever was on Panthers Huddle TV show last Saturday. Byron Bell, "end of the day it's about winning", "fans want to win", "coaches want to win", "Jerry Richardson wants to win", "Mr Gettleman wants to win", "I want to win"..... It was freakin classic. The wife and I were bustin out laughing so much. I kept this interview on my DVR so he can cheer me up when I need it. Great stuff Byron !!!

Posted by: Crispy Bacon | Aug 11, 2014 2:50:35 PM

David, it's pretty simple. We went into the draft with very definate needs. O-line, WR, and D secondary. We filled zero of those needs. We picked up a couple washed up WR, and drafted one in the middle of the pack. If you think first year WR's normally play well are become productive their first season, we will just have to disagree. As for the COY, that was a joke. Was when voted on, is now. Ron is a good D-line coach, that's about it. I love our D line and linebackers. Awesome. Nothing to complain about. Our running game? Dismal. We have three HIGH paid RB's, and no WR to mention. This is the recipe for disaster. Teams will clog the line, and we will not only be one dimensional, but we will struggle to score 20 a game.

We are poorly managed from the top to the bottom. That is if you believe Jerry wants a winning team. I contend this team is just what Jerry wanted. One that will bring in the fans, sell a lot of tickets, and one that costs him as little as is possible. The win-loss is not his concern. If it is, than he is a complete failure as an owner, as the record speaks for itself.

Posted by: Truth | Aug 11, 2014 2:53:49 PM

Truth - Maybe we saw different drafts but I'm pretty sure the Panthers drafted a WR, OG, SS, CB, DE, and RB in this past draft. Looks like in the draft they addressed every need you mentioned. But then you immediately go to, "If you think first year WR's normally play well (or) become productive their first season, we will just have to disagree". I won't even get into that with you but I will offer what nfl.com offered as KB's draft grade, that being "Should become instant starter". But no point in us arguing about it here, we'll just see how it plays out.

As far as the other WRs Carolina picked up to replace the WRs from last year, the numbers are pretty much the same. The 4 WRs that are no longer here combined for 1983 yds and 15 TDs last year. Not exactly stellar WRs to replace now is it? Cotchery, Avant, and Underwood had 1489 yds and 16 TDs. So if KB produced just 494 yds they would lose nothing. But I highly doubt that will be the case.

You can argue about COY all you want, but it still will be irrelevant. Fact is he was last year's COY, whether you agree or not.

They have 2 HIGH paid RBs, not 3. Tolbert makes about 2.3 million, which isn't even in the top 25. DeAngelo and JStew on the other hand, no question they are paid ridiculously.

I personally like the direction this team is going, as evidenced by the progress they have made the last few years with the draft, front office moves, and coaching decisions. I've been a fan ever since that day in Founders Hall when JR was awarded the team and looked in that channel 9 camera and told us all here in the Carolinas, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!". I agree wholeheartedly it has been a struggle at times pulling for this franchise. But I feel those days are getting behind us fans. You can keep living in the past with all the mistakes that were made. I personally will recognize the great things this franchise has done and is doing to get us where we all want to be.


Posted by: David I | Aug 11, 2014 4:09:15 PM

Guys its just one preseason game. I will be out there against the Chiefs. Everything will be alright. Thanks for those who have visited my Cammy Cam juice site. Keep pounding!

Posted by: Cameron Newton | Aug 11, 2014 4:55:59 PM

Truth - Maybe time for some Prozac? Jesus Christmas could you be any more negative? What if the Panthers go 10-6 or 11-5 and make it to the NFC Championship game this year? What excuses will you have at that point about what they did or did not do?

I mean, as far as your concerns for the o-line/run game, don't slight David Gettleman or Ron Rivera for that matter. They will find a way to get it done, whether it's bringing in another proven lineman for the run game or finding the running back who excels at bursting through the tight windows (p.s. they are already on our roster). If you knew football in the NFL, and better understood talent at the running game on the Panther's roster, then the run game should one of your least concerns. I could see a slight concern for protecting the QB, but run game.. Nahhh... They will find a way to get it done, it all depends on how quickly Silatulo gets back up to speed, and how quickly Turner becomes acclimated to the speed of the NFL. Run game may start out slow, but should find it's way after a few weeks, max.. Stop it with the negative nancy crap.

Posted by: Shaun NJ | Aug 11, 2014 5:52:55 PM

I am not smart

Posted by: Truth | Aug 11, 2014 7:26:03 PM

Get a room you guys

Posted by: Robert | Aug 11, 2014 8:55:18 PM

The season have'nt even started yet. How in the world do any of us know how this season is gonna be? "Alraedy" such smart people! If not Carolina then who will be a great team? Why did'nt the teams with the best WRs make the play-offs? Hum...."Just throwing that out there"!!!!

Posted by: Stp | Aug 11, 2014 9:40:59 PM

I dont know about all these predictions being only 1 preseason game has been played but I wish this intensity could be transformed to the players on our team and more so in our O-line coach.I`m only diagnosing the starters that play maybe 2or 3 series ,Once the 1st teamers are out I could give a rats ass because those guys will be back ups,Look guys our first team should be effective if they go out and its a stalemate I`m Ok with that but if our first team gets it handed to them well then maybe there are issues that need addressed,Also Webb looked good but Anderson is proven,We dont need 3 QBs we need that extra slot for another player.Returner ,WR,O-lineman...ect

Posted by: joe | Aug 12, 2014 9:50:21 AM

Keep pounding! Get ready for a performance against the Chiefs. Come out and get your Cammy Cam juice also.

Posted by: Cameron Newton | Aug 13, 2014 2:43:35 PM

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