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October 22, 2014

Twitter map: People who follow the Panthers across America

Twitter has come up with a neat interactive map that shows where Panthers fans reside across America, and to no one's surprise the Panthers own the Carolinas.

What's a little more surprising is their popularity in places like Washington County, Idaho, and Ravalli County, Mont.

The map takes followers of the Panthers' official Twitter account and uses their location to produce the map. In Mecklenburg County (of course), the Panthers are far and away with the favorite, with the Steelers and Cowboys coming in second and third. 

Perhaps most interesting is Washington's franchise doesn't appear in the top 3 of most followed teams in most North Carolina and South Carolina counties. 

In Washington County, Idaho, the Panthers reign supreme at 11.25 percent in front of the Steelers and Cowboys. That likely has a lot to do with former Carolina left tackle Jordan Gross, who went to nearby Fruitland High School.

Ravalli County, Mont., follows the Seahawks first, then Panthers second and the 49ers third. If you know why that may be the case, please comment below.

--Jonathan Jones


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Dwan Edwards is from near there in Montana. That seems like a possible connection...just throwing it out there for you JJ.



Posted by: tony clifton | Oct 22, 2014 2:43:30 PM

Seahawks fans need some crack.

Posted by: The Cracken | Oct 22, 2014 2:59:06 PM

Die hard Panther fan, Charlotte native- living in Brasilia, Brasil. Wheres the world map???

Posted by: Joseph | Oct 22, 2014 3:35:01 PM

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