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December 19, 2014

Panthers head of PR Dayton takes new job, assistant Drummond promoted

Long-time Panthers communications director Charlie Dayton will take a new post starting Jan. 1 and assistant Steven Drummond will assume the director position for the team’s public relations.

Dayton, who’s been with the team for 20 years, will become the team’s director of historical and alumni affairs. Dayton will oversee any records and archives, as well as coordinate alumni relations and initiatives with former players.

“My deep appreciation goes to Mr. Richardson for allowing me to serve our great franchise through all of these years and this opportunity going forward,” Dayton wrote in an email to reporters who cover the team daily.

Drummond, who graduated from South Carolina in 2001, has been with the Panthers for more than nine years. He’s been the assistant director of communications since 2011. 

--Jonathan Jones

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Big shoes to fill, Steven!

Posted by: Scott Cunningham | Dec 20, 2014 3:28:37 AM

Big shoes to fill? The Panthers probably do less on PR than any team in sports. When is the last time you heard Jerry Richardson say anything? If doing nothing is good PR, then the Panthers have it nailed!

Posted by: James | Dec 20, 2014 1:09:49 PM

James, if you want a Blowhard owner, move to Dallas... JR has spent a billion dollars on his team, and he doesn't need PR people to brag about it...
Be glad he brought us an NFL franchise.

Posted by: Scott Cunningham | Dec 20, 2014 9:51:38 PM

Well Teddy Bridgewater made Cam look like a chump lets hope Johnny M. doesnt do the same. Remember Rivera will not yank Cam no matter how bad of a day hes having.

Posted by: joe | Dec 21, 2014 1:30:00 AM

So his crowning glory is having enough money to buy a team? Well at least we have found someone worse at PR than who the Panthers have. PR is. PR is not about bragging genius. No wonder they have no idea what they are doing. You hear from no one there. How about Jerry letting us know why they can't put 2 good seasons together? Maybe since Me and my friends just gave him 90 million to spruce up a stadium he owns he can talk once in a while. Never even got a thank you.

Posted by: James | Dec 21, 2014 6:09:29 AM

Cam stinking it up again. Good thing Cam can run into the endzone, because we all know his passing is horrid in the redzone. Defense saving Cam's butt again!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 2:44:20 PM

The broadcaster just said Cam was rusty in the first half. No, that's just typical innacurate Cam! Will the excuses and apolgists for Cam ever stop?

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 2:50:13 PM

Wow, the defense must get tired of saving Cam's butt at some point!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 3:03:47 PM

Cam might be Batgirl, but he is no superman.

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 3:35:45 PM

I hope we are not stuck with Cam the next 2-3 years, but as long as he gets overrated national media attention and jersey sales nationwide, the Panthers will stick with him and we will continue to suck!!!!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 3:43:49 PM

About time he scored. The defense gave him a million oppurtunities.

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 3:46:14 PM

cam hasn't been the problem this year. and you guys are the same clowns that were calling for thomas davis to get cut several years ago, and the same clowns calling for stewart to get cut a few weeks ago. guys is having a stellar year given how bad our line has been and how few touches he gets.

meanwhile brandon lafell has 70 grabs for 883 yards and 7 touchdowns and great run blocking for new england, charles godfrey is once again helping atlanta to game plan for us while tre boston blows coverage over and over.

aaaaaaaaand for the steve smith watch:
he's up to 13172 yards (26 yards behind 14th all-time) and 907 receptions (13 behind torry holt for 18th all-time ignoring fitzgerald).

not like those guys were of any use to us, right? not like we were good last year or anything.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 21, 2014 6:17:41 PM

I never said let go of Stewart, Smitty, Davis,Lafell, or Godfrey. I actually have agreed with your comments about those guys and Gettleman, so get your facts straight. Gettleman, Shula, and most of all Cam is the problem. Cam wasted the few years he had with those guys by holding this team back. Thats one of my gripes with Cam. He hasn't progressed. He's just not that good. Cam is not having a stellar year either. Unbelievable!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 7:01:43 PM

Did you notice how recievers have better games and stats when not playing with Cam. Olsen and Kelvin 10 catches each last game. Jerrico Cotchery got his first touchdown pass. Lafell and Smitty are having breakout seasons. Hello McFly!! Get off Cam's jock!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 21, 2014 7:09:39 PM

Cam is awful,it is easy to see you are not a Carolina Panthers fan. it's also easy to see you are a total "Douche Bag".

Posted by: BlackCatFan | Dec 21, 2014 10:31:31 PM

I love to see moronic fans from other teams,like the troll,"Cam is awful", critize Cam Newton. It really shows they envey us for having a great young QB like Cam. So suck it it up you trolling whiner and buzz off.

Posted by: Luke # 59 | Dec 21, 2014 10:37:52 PM

Fact is Cam is awful is posting the truth. Pull it out of your mouth guys.

Posted by: TruDat | Dec 21, 2014 11:10:49 PM

Fact is Cam is awful is posting the truth. Pull it out of your mouth guys.

Posted by: TruDat | Dec 21, 2014 11:10:49 PM

No BlackCatFan, a douchebag is a grown man acting like he is Superman flying around the stadium pregame. Ive been a panther fan since the beginning and am sure I know more about the Panthers than both you losers. To hear Cam call anybody classless is like the pot calling the kettle black. He is the most excessive showboater, while he is average at best. The whole "HATER" Term is used way too much. That term has basically turned into a copout excuse for people to justify thier foolery!!!!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 22, 2014 9:59:27 AM

smith is having a breakout year? smith is doing what he has always done. smith had the same kind of year with rodney peete as his quarterback.

smith had 1394 yards with cam
then 1174 yards with cam. those are facts.

last year he had less, and we went 12-4. another fact.

cam isn't accurate as a thrower by elite standards, but he is pretty accurate by starter caliber standards. and he is THE elite running quarterback. he's missed 2 games in 4 years. look around the league....that's insane given the amount of hits he takes. and for every pass he throws high, there's another one right in on the money that gets dropped, and there's another several sacks that he eludes and turns into significant gains that most if not all other quarterbacks can't elude.

he's not perfect, but he is undoubtedly a top 15 quarterback in the league and that's all you can ask for. he isn't turning it over like cutler. and he has a way iffier receiving corps and offensive line than cutler. 17 touchdowns over 12 picks, plus 4 rushing touchdowns vs. 6 fumbles lost. the guy has been hit more than anybody in the league......nobody would look good with the line play we've had most of the season. nobody.

only an idiot would complain about a guy like cam. the same way you idiots complained about delhomme who was incredibly accurate throughout his time here, had an incredible w/l record and had great statistics. has one 5 interception game in the playoffs at the end of his career and nobody remembers how stellar he was for a good 5 years.

there are 32 teams and about half are looking for quarterbacks and would LOVE to have cam. and that's not including the guys who are up there in age like a brady or manning or brees or romo or even rivers or roethlisberger.

cam is 7 years younger than big ben, 13 years younger than peyton. put that into perspective. be thankful we have a franchise quarterback who can make plays and win some games. remember jimmy clausen? he started for chicago yesterday. it gets a lot worse than cam. and we can absolutely win a superbowl with cam if we get a smarter GM and a smarter coach. fox and hurney could have gotten it done. the only time they didn't win was when they didn't have a quarterback.

derek anderson beat tampa twice. TAMPA. they're the 1 team so bad that they haven't even been in the nfc division race.

gain some effing perspective. and read a book.

Posted by: charlottean | Dec 22, 2014 12:31:25 PM

Ive got to say this because I never thought we would have this oppertunity this season (BUT) Rivera,Shula,Mccdermott And Gettleman if you guys pull this victory off next week against atlanta and we win the division my hat goes off to all of you, Look at all the scoffing about how Gettleman and Rivera and Shula and Mccdermott dont know how to coach a team all of us fans have been on all your cases this season,Look at all who complained about the cut receivers and now we have 2 1000 yard receivers on this team ,All Im saying is if we win next week and bring home the division crown which would make history in this division it would erase all the bad comments and Rivera and shula and Mccdermott and Gettleman look like genuises.

Posted by: joe | Dec 22, 2014 2:55:07 PM

To all Carolina Panthers coaching staff , Coach your asses off this next game and make history,COACHES ALL OF YOUR NAMES WILL BE PART OF THIS HISTORIC VICTORY IN THIS DIVISION AND THE NFL,YES THE ENTIRE COACHING STAFF

Posted by: ANONYMOUS | Dec 22, 2014 3:04:01 PM

I know Smith has been doing what he's always done. Please don't throw Cam's garbage time stats in my face, and you know those stats didn't occur in the redzone! Most of the dropped passes are because Cam has no touch on the football, or the ball is way off target. Cam is not THE elite running quarterback. Russel Wilson is a better running quarterback then Cam. At least Russel Wilson has the awareness to still find a reciever when he scrambles. Cam gets sacked for a loss or stopped in his tracks more than breaks off big runs, and Cam is useless if he can't run. For every good game Cam equally has a horrible game. Cam makes the O-line look bad half the time because he holds on to the ball for 10 seconds. How would you know if I do or don't read books. You truly are an idiot, and you should gain some perspective, you thick headed fool!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 23, 2014 9:29:14 AM

John Fox could of got it done? Really??? John Fox is the one coach who is worse at clock management than Ron Rivera. John Fox couldn't win a challenge flag the last few years he was here to save his life. My friends and I used to call a fieldgoal a "John Fox Touchdown". Jake Delhomme was good for about 4 years, then he fell off. Even if we manage to get in the playoffs, defenses will play hard and spy Cam. They will shut him down. Hell, we might have a chance to beat Arizona because they have no quarterback, but any team after that will beat us. Derek Anderson is a better quarterback!!! Tampa has a decent defense. Derek can get the ball to our playmakers quickly and accurately!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 23, 2014 9:39:56 AM

Cam not only holds our recievers back, but sometimes he sabotages the running backs too. When he does the read option, sometimes he can't make up his mind to keep the ball or hand it off, then the running backs get a late first step. "Oh, but Cam's a big athletic freak". Who cares, that doesn't make him good. How do you know 32 other teams want him. I call b.s. on that! Sure, some teams will give hime a shot, but not 32. Cam will be a backup in 2-3 years.

Posted by: Cam is awful | Dec 23, 2014 9:47:55 AM

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