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February 08, 2015

Rivera hires Turner to assist with Panthers receivers

Panthers coach Ron Rivera continues to tweak his coaching staff, adding an entry-level offensive assistant from a family Rivera has worked with previously.

Cameron Turner is expected to join the Panthers this week as the assistant receivers coach, a source close to Turner said Sunday.

The Panthers have not announced Turner's hire.

Turner spent the past two seasons at Florida International working for his father, Ron Turner, the former Illinois coach and NFL assistant. Cameron Turner, who played at The Citadel, is the nephew of Vikings offensive coordinator and former NFL head coach Norv Turner.

Rivera coached under Norv Turner in San Diego, while Scott Turner -- Norv's son and Cameron's cousin -- was on Rivera's staff in Carolina.

Cameron Turner will assist Panthers receivers coach Ricky Proehl. Rivera had an opening following the retirement of senior offensive assistant John Ramsdell.

The biggest shakeup in Rivera's staff this offseason involved the special teams' duties. Bruce DeHaven was promoted to coordinator and former special teams chief Richard Rodgers was reassigned to defense.

Rodgers will help secondary coach Steve Wilks in the defensive backfield.

--Joseph Person

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I do not think anyone could be a better mentor than Ricky Proehl.

Posted by: par404 | Feb 8, 2015 5:21:03 PM

Cam is still AWFUL!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Feb 9, 2015 9:48:42 AM

Release the Kraken!!!

Posted by: The Kraken | Feb 9, 2015 10:41:53 AM

i know i'm in the minority, but i think they should offer hardy the minimum (guaranteed barring suspension) and guilt him into a make-good career here.

he goes elsewhere, he's a menace to society elsewhere. you keep him here, you just might be able to make him a better person. if he's still going to be in the nfl, why not?

work with his agents and the nflpa to provide for stipulations surrounding community service, donations, etc. but pushing him out the door does nothing but try and make the franchise look better than it is. they already put 13 million in that guys' pocket this past season. they already gave the guy a chance when plenty of teams passed on him in the draft.

the panthers franchise shouldn't run from the problem hardy created but try to be a part of a solution.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 9, 2015 1:00:07 PM

just the good ol boys....

how can any pro player respect a hire like this. played at citadel?? nephew of norv.

come on.

Posted by: tony clifton | Feb 9, 2015 3:08:48 PM

Thought the same thing Tony Clifton.

Posted by: Jeff Otah | Feb 10, 2015 10:46:42 AM

Good. As much as people love Ricky Proehl, you have to question a guy where all his recievers lead the league in dropped passes.
Brandon Lafell, Ted Ginn, and others consistantly drop balls here, yet don't have the same issue elsewhere

Posted by: Jon Defrees | Feb 11, 2015 1:01:30 PM

^^^^ i don't think drops are on a coach. they can show them the juggs machine but they can't turn them into beckham or smith.

lafell was actually a great example of good coaching. his run blocking and route running improved so drastically during his time here and teams took notice. not sure how much credit proehl deserves but the receivers themselves sure speak highly of him. can't think of too many guys more qualified than proehl. now turner? no idea. completely different situation. but it's not like rod higgins signing his son to the team he had no business of being signed to.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 11, 2015 2:43:03 PM

ticket prices are up. papa jerry needs to make more than 100 million next yr

Posted by: tony clifton | Feb 13, 2015 1:15:57 PM

cost of living went up, wages went up and real estate values went up also. complaining about that too?

he owns a business. you don't walk into mcdonalds and tell them what to charge for a hamburger. they choose, and you decide to buy or not. they adjust their prices accordingly. you think he's charging too much.......stop paying.

why do you think athletes make the money they make? because people are dumb enough (or rich enough) to pay for the entertainment (notice - not wins).

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 13, 2015 3:31:59 PM

Maybe people wouldn't be so annoyed about ticket prices rising, if Jerry didn't dip into our tax money also. No privately owned business should get our tax money!

Posted by: Cam is awful | Feb 14, 2015 12:22:54 PM

Plus the mediocre play we've been used to on the field. #CamIs StillAwful

Posted by: Cam is awful | Feb 14, 2015 12:24:20 PM

it's not YOUR tax money he's getting unless you own a hotel or other business categorized as a tourism based business that benefits from the team being here. it's a tourism tax that they received money from.

they (those businesses) all voted YES to the proposal.

the franchise a private business that we all generally benefit from either in ways of entertainment, tourism boosting the economy, image and branding affects on the city as a whole leading to more jobs and more transplants, offshoot business incomes, etc. it brings a ton of money to the charlotte economy. if you live outside of charlotte and hold season tickets, that's your problem. but you likely have a job in charlotte and the team being here contributes to that also.

the problem is the other cities who want a team who are willing to offer hundreds of millions to get one. if you're really a charlotte football fan......jerry's a saint for not taking that money the way george shinn did. believe me......he's been offered. in a major way.

it's part of the business. he also didn't get any money to build the original stadium outside of PSL fees.

but it isn't your tax money he's getting/already gotten for the renovations. you probably don't pay much in taxes to the city/county to begin with anyways.

Posted by: charlottean | Feb 14, 2015 4:52:38 PM

When do the Panthers expect to get Hardy re-signed?

Posted by: DownWind | Feb 15, 2015 8:20:12 PM

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