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April 27, 2015

Players union appeals Greg Hardy suspension

The NFL wrapped up its two-month investigation of former Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy last week, but Hardy's domestic violence case is still far from over.

The NFL Players Association appealed Hardy's 10-game suspension Friday, a union spokesperson confirmed Monday.

Hardy's side is expected to argue that commissioner Roger Goodell applied Hardy's discipline retroactively under the new personal conduct policy, which was put in place in December, seven months after Hardy's arrest.

In the NFL's release last week, Goodell said Hardy's suspension would have been the same under the old policy for conduct detrimental to the league. But Ray Rice was given a two-game suspension for his domestic violence case, which started the public backlash that Hardy and Adrian Peterson were swept up in.

Peterson's suspension was lifted in February when a federal judge ruled Goodell erred in disciplining Peterson for something that happened before the new policy was in place.

Hardy, who signed an incentive-laden, one-year with Dallas in March, stands to lose as much as $5.8 million in per-game roster bonuses if the suspension is upheld.

--Joseph Person

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Eight games is fair. Goodell will work with the association. He does not want the Ray Rice situation again. The pressure is now on Greg to be a good citizen.

Posted by: john harvey | Apr 27, 2015 10:35:52 PM

Number one, Roger Goodell is an idiot!

Greg Hardy committed no offense whatsoever!

This is an unjustified suspension and penalty on the words from 1 person or a woman whom has proven to be a liar.

Women lie all the time, all the time. And because Hardy wouldn't have sex with her, she flipped out, which is usual.

As far as guns, Hardy is an American Citizen, whom can buy, sell, or possess any weapon he wants, legally.

This is a rediculas story, and full of assertions. There are many people stating he was convicted, this is a lie! The case was all dismissed.

The hearing before the judge was just a fact finding mission, which is normal in domestic violence cases. The jury trial is what actually decides these cases, and this what Greg Hardy's Attorney's Requested.
It was then, that a Full Investigation against Ms. Holder, which the Prosecutors found, she was a Liar.

These are the facts, the woman then ran from the Jury Trial.
After which, Hardy then asked his Attorney to give her some money to stop her from stating her lies on national television.

Posted by: gary crosby | Apr 28, 2015 10:40:38 AM

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