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May 21, 2015

Cam Newton falls 49 spots to No. 73 in NFL Network's Top 100

The debate on Cam Newton’s place among the top NFL players continues.

NFL Network revealed its annual Top 100, and the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback checked in at No. 73 one year after he was No. 24.

Newton had been in the top 50 for his career, sitting at No. 40 after his stellar rookie season and following it up with No. 46 in 2013. The list is voted on by players only.

Newton’s play did dip in 2014 compared to the previous year. The Panthers went 5-8-1 in the regular season with him as a starter, though they did win a playoff game against the Cardinals (who had quarterback Ryan Lindley, who won’t be making this Top 100 list).

He had fewer passing yards (3,127) and passing touchdowns (18) than in any previous year. And his 58.5-percent completion rate was the second-lowest in his four years.

But Newton was also playing on a surgically repaired ankle, cracked ribs from an exhibition and, just as he was healing up, fractured his lower back in a car accident.

Newton is the tenth-rated quarterback in this year’s Top 100, so I suppose that’s one way to look at it. But to drop 49 spots because of an injury-riddled season is curious.

Of course, it could be worse. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan went from No. 17 in 2013 to off the list entirely last year to No. 77 this year for what mostly appears to be a poor team performance rather than individual play, which has been hampered by inconsistent line play for each of the past two seasons.

This is also a list that last year ranked eventual NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers No. 11 overall and had Jamaal Charles and Drew Brees in front of him.

--Jonathan Jones

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Once he became healthy late last season he started playing much better. That duel threat aspect began to show, and the team started winning. All in all, lists don't matter. Show up on and off the field and your play will speak for itself.

Posted by: Jordan James | May 21, 2015 8:49:13 AM

Rankings such as this are largerly worthless. They do however provide some insight as to how other players view their competition.

So, the short of it is that the competition isn't as afraid of Cam as they used to be - if they ever really were. And being ranked 10th out of 30 QBs isn't exactly high.

The more interesting thing is that at least 10 QBs rank in the top 100 which seems to indicate that those voting in the poll are not really serious about the poll.

Bottom line is what I have always said, Cam is good, but not the savior for a disappointing franchise.

That part in the article regarding Rodgers vs Charles and Brees indicates that the reporter does not really understand polls. Being ranked prior to a season and finishing different reveals nothing about the poll. Besides, being ranked in the top 20 should mean having a shot at being an eventual MVP.

Posted by: Richard Elliot | May 21, 2015 9:52:39 AM

I honestly thought he would be off the list considering 2014. But it's good to know current NFL players who are actively playing the game competitively ranked him in the top 100 out of 1700+ players despite how much his injuries limited his performance and preparation for the season.

Posted by: Taz | May 21, 2015 10:04:15 AM

is there a list of the quarterbacks on this list. i would like to see the whole list. where can we find it.

Posted by: shots956 | May 21, 2015 10:14:27 AM

That's because Cam sucks, he has no aim & all he can do is run, in which they will not let him do anymore

Posted by: Billy | May 21, 2015 10:18:06 AM

Black players will always vote on a black quarterback even if he has been just above average his entire NFL career. Real talk!

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 10:19:17 AM

Bless his heart.

Posted by: B Walker | May 21, 2015 10:24:46 AM

Same goes for honest hard working black people that still defend bad black people. By the way "Thug" means "Thug". Black people think they can rewrite the english language any time they want.

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 10:27:49 AM

Just wait until this year is over. His line is better than he's ever had before, his weapons are better, and he is finally healthy from that ankle he injured at Auburn. We are really gonna see Super Man in action in the upcoming season. I can't wait to see us play this year

Posted by: Austin Kinaman | May 21, 2015 11:16:46 AM

Bet you be mad when you drop your kids off at his football camp & they come back & tell you how much they love him.

Posted by: tre'4boi | May 21, 2015 11:49:21 AM

WTF are you talking about, or what are you trying to say tre'4boi? Speak ENGLISH!

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 11:53:44 AM

Cam still won't win. He's had weapons his entire NFL Career and still hasn't won jack. Last year is the only year he had a shotty Offensive Line. People have worn out that "he's not healthy excuse", and the "he's never had weapons excuse". One minute he was healthy, the next minute he is not. Which is it? Russel Wilson has done way more than Cam in his short NFL career. Enter Cam apologists and jock sniffers.......

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 12:02:55 PM

Cam will be good enough to help win some games, but not good enough to win the late rounds in the playoffs or a superbowl!

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 12:07:16 PM

If there were a Lombardi Trophy for commercials and endorsements, then Cam would be win every time.

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 12:10:30 PM

Correction= would win every time.

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 12:11:52 PM

Bleacher report posted a list of quarterbacks through there first 4 seasons and he's actually done really well. Really well. He's more mature and is going to lead them the a 3rd straight NFC south title. He's got what it takes and he's proven that

Posted by: Austin Kinaman | May 21, 2015 1:10:59 PM

There you go Pants up, don't loot!

Posted by: Austin Kinaman | May 21, 2015 1:13:49 PM

And Russell Wilson has done more than a lot of quarterbacks in his short career so that's really not a good point at all Pants up, don't loot.

Posted by: Austin Kinaman | May 21, 2015 1:16:42 PM

By a lot I mean most

Posted by: Austin Kinaman | May 21, 2015 1:17:11 PM

I could care less about Cam's overblown stats, throwing the ball all over the place when the game is out of reach. I've seen every game Cam has played for the Panthers. Cam hasn't got better. He's stiil inaccurate, incosistent, overrated, overhyped. (Over grown Michael Vick without the legal issues).

Posted by: Pants up, don't loot! | May 21, 2015 1:35:13 PM

He is way,way, WAY overhyped. Panthers will stay mediocre as long as he is starting QB.

Posted by: GJ | May 21, 2015 3:00:10 PM

Cam is one of the most overrated QB's in the League. The problem is he's a great athlete, but deficient in the most important trait an NFL QB needs - accuracy from the pocket. Unfortunately, at this point, he's probably past the time when he can improve that aspect of his game. And if he can't stay healthy running the ball, he can't do much to help this team win.

Bottom line: He's average. And a team with an average quarterback is a team that's never going to hold the Lombardi Trophy.

But don't worry about Cam. The Panthers still view him as a franchise QB and are willing to pay him max money. So it's all good.

Posted by: HonestFan | May 21, 2015 3:30:31 PM

Please name the qb's you think are better than Cam? he is top five! you say he is inaccurate, incosistent, overrated & overhyped but it sounds like your more upset with the OC. not Cam fault we had no run game & the fact he had less than 2 sec to throw the ball to a wr thats not out of their break or even looking at the ball

Posted by: tre'4boi | May 21, 2015 3:33:04 PM

Trent Dilfer was a avg QB who won a super bowl but had a great time around him HornestFan

Posted by: tre'4boi | May 21, 2015 3:37:54 PM

There is NO debate. National consensuses says he is a slightly below average QB on slightly below average team.

Cam is what he has always been, and will always be, a great talent void of a mind to match it. He is a spoiled child in a man's body.

Until this team and this newspaper starts telling the truth to the readers, the open mouths and gasps heard around here will always happen when the rest of the world laughs at the co called talent on our roster.

We have one great player, Luke. We have a few serviceable players Cam included. But to think he is in anyway a top notch QB is being one of two things, stupid or ignorant.

It seems the Observer is both.

Posted by: TerryK | May 21, 2015 3:43:03 PM

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