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Richard Myers

you did not see the Boston College game


One quick stat of note if you don't think the ACC gives Duke an inherent advantage:

Over the past 6 years, Duke has been to 6 ACC championship games and won 5 ACC championships - an unparalleled run, and one that befits a team ostensibly playing their best basletball at season's end. During that time they have won 1 - yes, just 1 - NCAA championship.

But also during that time, 3 other teams (including Georgia Tech) made it to the final NCAA game and two, UNC and Maryland, won NCAA championships - again, though neither won the ACC tournament.

While UNC and Maryland were good enough to put together 6 consecutive wins in NCAA play, and Georgia Tech won 5 consecutive, none were good enough to win 3 games in ACC play. While those three teams were playing not only their best basketball but also better than anyone else in the country, they still could not win the ACC. Duke ousted two of those teams from the ACC tournament themselves.

The undeniable fact is that it is easier to win in NCAA play than it is to beat Duke in the ACC.

If that is not preferential treatment, or better yet, "brand management" (yes, that good ol' marketing technique of supporting your moneymaker), then what is it? "Intelligent design"? Quite frankly, watching Duke is not a whole lot different than watching Ric Flair. Wahoooo!


Beaten to the punch. The ACC is as stage managed as the WWE. It was bad but since Swofford strike-up the Vince McMahon theme. Duke consistantly shots more free throws than opponents, Duke players foul out almost never while opponents stars never seem to finish. All while Duke plays the most agressive in your shirt man to man in the NCAA. How?

Mark Packer tracks ACC fouls and in the ACC record corelates to the free throws taken.

Duke plays good basketball but their "superiority" is aided and tainted by the stage management of "The Show".


Hmmm good article. There's no arngemut which conference has dominated NCAA basketball this decade. And, I am so tired of hearing there's an east coast bias. Hello! Kansas is the only team not on the east coast to win a Championship in the last 10 years!!! There is and SHOULD BE an East Coast bias. That's where the talent is.

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