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YOU SAID: "And fashion? If you saw me at the tournament Wednesday, I was wearing a white and blue shirt and jeans, but that's my first-round look. I would hate to unveil my quarterfinal look at Cloth World. My finals look? The CIAA might not be ready for it."

So post a picture of your "A" game of fashion! You talk a good game, but we need proof!!!! Otherwise it's all TALK!


I love it! LOL

I've been giggling over your whole CIAA experience.

And i'm afraid I, too, would have to leave a woman who didn't raise my child with the appropriate appreciation for Patti LaBelle! Abuse I say. LOL

Keep it up and visit the Chuck Brown party tonight. We know you know what "throw down" means but do you know about that D.C. Go-Go?!

The Libertarian

Alright we want a picture and full account of your party, NOW! I feel sorry for both you and your son, I would have given anything to see Patti LaBelle, and I do see why your wife is definetly an ex if your son was just now getting to hear one of the greatest female singers ever. She is AWESOME!

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