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Oh, man. Talk about hitting a nerve!

I ride the 77X bus. This guy gets on at Gateway (last stop before hitting the interstate), cell phone already glued to the side of his head, chatting away loudly about; oh, you know, EVERY thing. He sits down right across from me.

I got off the bus 45 minutes later. The guy had yet to shut up. Same conversation he was on when he got on and was still yakking away! Wanna know about his problems at work, his wife, the kids, new car, weekend plans?

Dude! Shut up and keep your life to yourself!

Cee Jay

I agree 110%!!! I was at a public library the other day and a woman walks in with a headpiece on talking like the other person was hard of hearing. Didn't slow down one bit as she entered and went to the computers. She talked the whole time until someone FINALLY told her that she needed to turn it off THEN I thought she was going to jump on the lil' library employee. People that have no common sense need to be banned from cell phones. :o/ One common sense rule of thumb:when entering a public place where being quiet is the rule PULLEZE turn your cell phones on silent and if you get a call PULLEZE walk away from any other people who are trying to think or work! This is a main reason we come to the quiet comforts of the library. We do NOT want to hear or care about your conversations.


Cell Phone use should be banned in Gyms, Jogging Trails, Parks, Restaurants and Movie Theaters, and other public places, not to mention while driving (Teens are NOT the only ones who do that).
It's even annoying in the video store or the grocery store. Saw a movie in a Theater yesterday, where the announcement came up on the screen several times before the movie started to silence cell phones. Do you think that worked? No.
Is it enforced? No.

Yes, it is true that some people feel a need to be 'in touch' with people for emergency situations, but most people on cell phones just like to run their loud mouths and don't care that others around them don't want to hear. Others seem to want to flap their lips incessantly as if to convey a sign of 'status' or 'importance.'

It is rude, and should be banned in most public places. It is in these situations where SILENT text messaging could be the answer to make everyone happy. Just don't 'announce' the receipt of a new text message with a Snoop Dogg Ringtone....

Amy Baldwin

I thought of this post this morning when I was caught on a machine at the Dowd Y sandwiched between two cell phone conversations. One was about fruit salad and the other involved a home repair.


I recall reading somewhere that there are also those who use cell phones in public that pretend to talk to someone and no one is on the other end. They get such a feeling of self importance to appear to be using the phone.

Now I always look at people on cell phones and wonder if they really are talking to someone.

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