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bob skotnicki

Tom; I am in agreement with you on taking personal responsibility, especially regarding litter and particularly regarding cigarettes: remember the axiom: "To a smoker, the world is an ashtray".
However, your headline makes your article seem like it's really about forgiving Tony Stewart for being self-appointed race track monitor and judge and linking that to personal responsibility: but the main difference here is that Tony is not spending his own money, nor affecting only himself. Home Depot is spending millions (probably close to $40 million when you factor in the sponsorship, trackside hospitality and contests, in store promotions, point-of -sale materials and television advertising) and for that expenditure, they are entitled to receive positive exposure from a talented, professional and mature driver; not negative exposure from a talented, immature, temper tantrum prone driver. Additionally, Tony's behavior directly affects the 100 or so members of his team and puts their ability to earn a living for their families in jeopardy. Indirectly, it affects all the employees and vendors of Home Depot who may suffer as a result of lost business due to lost customers as a result of his bad behavior. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback.
Bob Skotnicki



First of all, Home Depot is free to drop Bonehead Stewart anytime it wishes. The fact that they still sponsor this moron is the main reason I shop at Lowe's.

Second, I'm a little disappointed another driver hasn't yet nudged Stewart into the wall at 200 mph and torched the 20-car in a spectacular ball of fire. They, too, however, have that option.

Third, if the employees and vendors at Home Depot are indeed seeing a decline in customer traffic due to Stewart's behavior, which I'm sure they're not, they can always go work at Lowe's.

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