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Rob C

I actually thought that Draft was praising Vick more than criticizing him. He basically said that if Vick can take the next step to become more consistent, he would be a great QB.

Actually, if I remember you column about that correctly, you also pointed that out.

Neil B

I thought we were over this. We are finally talking like the team we should be, after years of being a great unheralded team we finally get our due. Now EVERY team on our schedule has marked us on their "Bulletin Board." Personally I think it's great that we are talking like a team with expectations this year, maybe we wouldn't have been as inconsistent in the last few years if we'd done the same. Now the coaches and players know they must come to the field as a Super Bowl favorite, not an overlooked underdog, and I love it! I know the urge to not give opponents anything for motivation but c'mon, it's time to talk AND walk like the top team every week out. Let's be honest also... we're talking about an opponent who didn't make the playoffs last year, didn't do much to improve on that, is poorly coached, and just lost their top receiver who Vick has called unreplaceable (insert future excuse possibilities here). Finally lets not forget that Draft has talked openly about being fired up specifically for Atlanta games before, and Vick boasted before both games last year. And we all know how that worked out in our favor: 24-6 & 44-11 wins.

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