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david McKnight


I just can't believe that all those things they said about Pete are true. Besides, everybody knows, folks in Cincinnati always comport themselves properly. When's the last time you saw a Cincinnatian acting uncouth or behaving in a crude manner?

Pete Rose always reminded me of our great Garinger High School baseball player Skippy Hull, who was a real team leader for the GHS Wildcats back in the mid '60s when I was sports editor at the Garinger High School Rambler, which was the second best newspaper job I ever had, the first being a stint as an editorial writer for North Carolina's oldest newspaper, the Fayetteville Observer, ten years later in the mid '70s.

Tom, could it all have been some kind of anti-Garinger plot?

Now, as a musician, I consider Pete Rose to be my clubhouse coach for sprinting between second (N.C. State) and third (Carolina) as a forlorn Dukie trying to get around the bases to home plate (Charlotte).

I'm going for a Pete Rose record of sorts--most fiddle tunes played (lifetime) in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

And since David Letterman looks a lot like my older brother Pete, when Pete Rose was on the Letterman show recently, it was "Pete and Dave" like old times back home, only I naturally had to identify with Pete since my own brother Pete looks and talks so much like Dave!

If this sounds confusing, then just tell all those Charlotte high school fans of Carolina and Duke what one veteran utility reserve player has learned: you can go from Carolina to Duke but you can't go from Duke to Carolina unless you go by way of State, whose baseball uniforms are the closest thing to the Cincinnati Reds in the entire ACC.

But nothing up here beats being on press row for a Garinger-Myers Park or Garinger-Harding game in any sport, so I will just close by opining:

"A rose is a rose is a rose," for Pete's sake! Charlie Hustle is bound to come through this thing some time even if it takes extra innings.


Just what was the previous guy smokeing?

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