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Awesome, I am glad for Wake and their fans. It has been a great season and a deserving one. I remember how much fun the NC State fans had in Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl afew years ago. Jacksonville are great hosts and NC State fans were very excited and happy. I also seen a great NC State football team then on & off the field. It was the Notre Dame players NOT State players that got arrested at a late night party.


Btw, NC State had around 58,000 fans at the Gator Bowl... Notre Dame may have had 10,000 fans at the Gator Bowl.

David McKnight

For football fans who also enjoy the general hoopla around the gridiron, it should also be said that the Wake Forest fight song is one of the coolest in all the ACC.

Around here in the Research Triangle area including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, our music bands naturally get a lot of requests for the State, Duke and Carolina fight songs, which are also quite catchy and entertaining musically. But every now and then we break into the Deacons fight song just because it has such a great melody and rhythm to it.

So all you concert and marching bands, practice up on the Deacons' fight song so you can salute this great Wake Forest football team during the holiday bowl season. And good luck to Wake from all corners of the Tar Heel--er, read that, the Old North State.

Maybe we should change the words to that fine holiday song this season to say instead:

"Walkin' in a Deacon Wonderland."

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