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Michelle Morton

I am new to Charlotte, recently moved from Los Angeles...Forest Hill was recommended to me by a co-worker...some of the most welcoming and wonderful people I have ever experienced especially moving from LA...La la land!! I am now part of the welcoming team at Ballantyne and then go over to the So. Park local for the 11am service...never thought id be going to TWO church services in ONE day!I hope you continue to attend, dont know how you felt but it tends to put a spring in my step for the upcoming week!

Elizabeth Maxon

As a sports writer I thought you might be interested to know that your viewing of the message at FH-B was made possible by a professional golfer (my husband) who runs the AV equipment during the service each week. I wanted to say thanks for coming and for being so gracious in your article. Next time please stop by the children's area (where I work every week) so that I can properly welcome you...and maybe even put you to work rocking babies : ) And by the way - my grandaddy is often considered the greatest athlete to come out of the state of SC. I guess there are sports stories everywhere...even at church!

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