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Chris Alvis

I used to be just like you Tom. Sports were my life. Church was a place I'd go on holidays to impress someone else. In many cases it was punishment. I wanted to be home watching sports or playing sports.

Then I had a life changing experience. I realized I had it all wrong. I was thinking about religion instead of relationship with Jesus. I went from being the first guy out of the parking lot to get home and watch the game to being the last one out in order to spend time with the one who created football.

You know how the Panthers would have to do all the necessary things leading up to the Superbowl to get in. All the fundamentals and execution of instructions given to them. What if the players let someone else read and study the playbook for them? What if the players didn't take the game seriously? Heaven is a lot like that Tom. The Bible is God's playbook. Why let someone else read it and not take it serious? If you take the snap under "sinner" and turn and hand off your sins to Jesus, He will plow through the line and take those sins all the way to the end zone. And there, although He carries the burden, you get the score. Steve Smith has never seen an end zone celebration like the one in heaven.

You don't get in to see the Panthers play without a cost. And someone has to pay for that ticket Tom. Someone has to pay the cost of seeing the big dance any way you look at it Tom. Jesus offers us a free pass, but we have to accept it. John 3:3 We have to execute.

Don't go to church if it's punishment. That's the wrong motive. God's not standing there with a ruler waiting to whack you on the knuckles. He's standing there with His arms wide open, waiting on you. What's the spread on getting into heaven with the wrong motive?

Jenn Pappa

A friend of mine is a huge fan of yours and wrote about you in his blog. I thought you might want to read it:


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