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that if i break my contract, that i will have to pay the $200 peltnay fee, even though they don't have 4g, as per all of there adds.i since went to metro pcs and did the math on how much i'm paying with at&t and what my cell bill would be with metro.it worked out that in less then a year if i paid the at&t crooks the $200 and switched to metro pcs, i would be even.i decided to go to the metro store and bite the bullet with at&t and make the switch.i selected the best phone they had, the lg esteem for $269.00 after all of the rebates and bells and whistles added.the problem is now that asked the so called sales rep/tech about how to make the font size and text larger.not one of the people there knew anything about to do this, and it was so small, i couldn't read it.i called lg and they said that it there is nothing built into the phone to change the size of the text or font.lg suggested that i buy the phone and then search for an app to correct this problem.now, i'm back at the metro store (3 different ones) to inquire about the app to correct the font size and if it was available.after almost 1 hour of waiting and promises of a phone call back to me with the answer, no one knew anything.i asked if i bought this phone and couldn't increase the size of the font as i needed it , if i could return the phone.ANSWER!!! NO !!.as much as i hate at&t, i must admit, that i can read the text on my iphone without a telascope.i guess i have to live with at&t until my contract expires, or pay the crooks the $200 for the 3g service that i'm stuck with.

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