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David McKnight


One great "side road-main road" southbound through South Carolina and Georgia is U.S. 601, which will offer you many splendid stops in some great communities between Charlotte and the Sunshine State of Florida.


My 6 girlfriends and I are taking a week long girls vacation to the Daytona Motor Speedway. I will watch your article for good advice. See ya there.

Rodney Whipple

Could you be any more gay?

Dave Ross


Sending you to cover a NASCAR event is like sending me to cover the damn opera.

Can't they find something constructive for you do to like maybe giving you a paper route in Myers Park or something?


Dear Mr Journalist...oops Im sorry Mr. Reporter. (Remember, you smugly corrected me on that one once)

Try this route: I 77 North to I 40 west. Dont stop until you get there!

Have a good trip............


Tom, I have some info that will greatly assist you: Click on:


Have a great trip?


David McKnight

All these schmucky comments from such selfish detractors--maybe some folks can't stand the fact that The Observer has so many class acts among its great lineup of columnists. Good luck trying to use on-line slights to make The Observer less appealing to its readers. What has happened to my hometown of Charlotte, where people used to have such respect and high regard for talent and ability in the business and professional communities of the city?

Thank goodness we still have the Billy Graham Parkway to carry us through such ornery discourse on each side of the journalistic highway.


Back in the mid 70s I was in Daytona for Bike Week. Out on the west side of Volusia Co. we found a bar. It had a monkey, and a jar of hot pickled eggs. We fed the monkey the hot peppers. Check to see if the monkey is ok. Dave

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