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David McKnight


Wait, hold the steak sauce: I've got an idea on how to get The Observer interested in doing its own coverage of college lacrosse.

Since you're from Minnesota, you could explain to the Observer Sports Department that La Crosse may be a city in Wisconsin, but lacrosse is also an exciting sport whose time for good sports coverage in the heart of the Carolinas has finally arrived.

Both the men's and women's lacrosse teams from Duke University made it to this year's NCAA Final Four. Hey, the Duke Endowment is even located in a place called Charlotte, so maybe half a dozen people over there would be interested in seeing an Observer staff report on the Duke teams' great seasons, just as folks over at Carmel Country Club saw Duke's championship women's golfers on their journey to a third straight NCAA title this spring.

Now switching to baseball, we recall that they also have a great university in the Queen City known as UNC Charlotte, and the 49ers have had fabulous year on the old college baseball diamonds across the region.
Will The Observer sit back and let The (Columbia) State cover the Niners in the NCAA playoffs in Columbia next weekend, or will the hometown paper be represented at the games?

And say, the Wolfrpack of North Carolina State will be in the same regional, squaring off against UNCC to get things started Friday, so please don't let those Charlotte-bashing compadres at Raleigh's News & Observer get all the glory covering that great out-of-state, intrastate matchup!

Well, so long from the "other" Twin Cities of the Tar Heel State, Raleigh-Durham, N.C., running a close second to Newton-Conover. It's a long way to Cherryville, so we hope The Observer will send us plenty of hometown cooking in the sports diner. Yes, here's hoping we'll have a filet mignon of NCAA baseball coverage next weekend, and not just from The State and The News & Observer but also the Charlotte Observer!

And if one or more of our area's teams should reach the College World Series, just remember, they've got lobster tails in Omaha too.

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