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Ron Mexico

"dogfighting and dogfighting proponents"

Does this mean you won't watch the Panthers vs. Falcons?


Im boycotting the rest of your columns.


The NBA did the right thing in the Spurs/Suns series. If they don't suspend those players it would have been hell trying to explain why they didn't. Let's say in the Pistons/Cavs series a little scuffle breaks out and Mr. Mean (Rasheed Wallace) momentarily leaves the Pistons bench and returns to the proper area. If the NBA suspends him he would go nuts and rightfully so. How do you stop that scenario? IF YOU LEAVE THE BENCH AREA YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED...GOOD GUY...BAD GUY...ALL-STAR...SCRUB. Follow the rules, that's life. Enjoy your boycott.


I greatly admire you for sticking to your guns, but your missing some good playoff action.

I hope they review the rule that got Stoudemire and Diaw suspended (although it does appear as though Stoudemire was trying to jump in the fray - IMO), because it did have such a major effect on the outcome. But that's life and as long as humans are involved - there's always going to be that potential for a blunder and that's just the way it is...


I boycott zoos. Let them go!

I also boycott Burger King because of their crappy onion rings, and I boycott against Crystal Burger because my Lord, those aren't burgers, they're....something, but not burgers.

I used to boycott Stuckey's because all they ever sold were pecan logs and flat fountain drinks. And the bathrooms were awful. A one-man boycott may seem trivial, but hey, when was the last time you saw a Stuckey's that is still open for business? Okay then.

Good stuff, Mr. Sorenson! Never let the bastards get you down!

Michael Procton

Speaking of the bench areal rule review, it already was, and the owners and competition committee ruled in nearly unanimous fashion that it would not change. The rule is simple, easily understandable, and easy to follow. If it wasn't, then how did 8 other Phoenix players and 10 San Antonio players manage not to screw it up. The only people to blame here are Amare Stoudemire (who has never had an excess of intelligence anyway) and Boris Diaw. Well, them and the 42 assistant coaches, most of whom have no bigger job than TO hold players back in situations like these.

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