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Jimmy The Greek

Yea, but that column about the top 25 things you hate was better.
Lets add some things to that. Best alltime movie though was Deepthroat.

Tattoes -- OMG. What crapola. This is the biggest trash even invented and every single NBA piece of trash is loaded including the Godfather of Freakazoids Rodman who thankfully faded into the sunset. They are ugly and disgusting and thug symbolic scum. Back in WW2 your dad or grandad in the Navy who got drunk when they docked had them but nothing like todays thug garbage. Ban tatooes on every single "professional" athlete and force lazer removal immediately. Thug out.

Alcohol/Drunks at Sporting Events -- This is oil and water. This is the biggest hypocrisy ever. Who can drink at events and understand the intensity of whats happening? Go to a bar or stay home to suck your booze. Not at events. What about kids at events? Who the hell wants their kids around a bunch of loudmouth profane idiot drunks with half the stadiums full of kids and youth running 100% contrary to everything sports represents. Ban alcohol at pro and college events like they do at high school and youth events.
And ban it at NASCAR races. No drunks in NFL NBA MLB NHL or NASCAR and that goes for ALL NCAA events without exception. Drunks out.

Steroids -- The funny thing is they dont realize testing for steroids should be done to the final champions only. Why test losers? Hell they are clean. Make it a requirement that the champs of any sporting event in high school college or pros should immediately undergo 'roid testing including high school state champs in every sport, college national champs and pro sport champs including of course the individual champions at the end of the season. Why test the losers? They are not the ones on 'roids. As soon as the national college champ is won then test all the players. Make it mandatory. Same for every sport champ. Afterall the champions got there by doing things the right way or the wrong way. We know Bonds is a scumbag liar and he tested positive. Kick him out.
Test the Super Bowl champs, World Series champs, Stanley Cup champs, NBA champs, NCAA champs in all sports etc.
If you want to weed out steroid use then do at the top after they win.
If one single player test positive then take the title away and leave it blank. Dont give it to the runnerup. Teach a lesson.

The list can go on and on but this is a start ... Tattoes, Drunks and Steroids is a good damn start though ...

One last thing for the road is pros sports need to hire only American citizens. Too hell with all these illegals espec in MLB where they are 60%. Whats the difference in crossing the southern border to be hired by elite corps and being hired by elite sports corps who are all owned by non-sports corps anyway?
What about all Americans who get ignored or cut because these billionaire asshole owners pick their non-citizens since the scouts love basking in the Bahammas only year round? This is total garbage. Go try to play in their country and see how far you get. Hell, go to Canada and try to find a job. Americans to the back of the line. Canadians need only apply.
Thats the problem. Americans are too lenient with non-citizens. Get the golddigger non-citizens out. Americans only.


What about WWE? You want to see how damn screwed up America is then tune in to this now pretend dead sicko Vince McMahons cesspool for entertainment that fills arenas everywhere. Look at thug rappers ..
Its been downhill for years.
Nothing entertaining about these sick steroid freaks posing as athletes.
Deaths are common in the WWE now and McMahon the head sicko just faked his own death in some car bombing to immitate terrorism.

The main problem is these mega giant conglomerate mega billion or trillion corps who have no competition so they own everything and control everything and can do as they want without retaliation. Same for pro sports. No competiton. Same for banks like BOA or WB who will merger one day with the others.
In the end there will be 1 big airline company, 1 big bank, 1 big grocery store, 1 big tv cable, 1 big newspaper, 1 big car builder, 1 political party ...

David McKnight


I'd like to put in a word for "Ben Hur."

By the way, was the chariot race in "Ben Hur" an official NASCHAR-sanctioned event?

You know, it's too bad Messala didn't have some nifty ancient sponsors and endorsements going into that race. Maybe he wouldn't have been so ornery toward Benny Hurry coming down that backstretch.

Yes, the Roman Empire probably had its fair share of great race chariot drivers, especially when they had to go on the road against the Goths and the Visigoths. And you imagine they must have had some good entertainment for the race events back then. Who knows, they might even have had a country & Eastern singer named Goth Brooks.

But give the ancient Greeks their due too. With all those Trojan horses headed toward pit row, you probably couldn't tell who was really coming in for a new saddle and shoes and who was going to keep galloping right on down the track.


Strong list, Tom. If you haven't seen Costner in Open Range, I think it fits your bill.

Dont Eat The Yellow Snow

Coincidentally there have been another tragedy in WWE with Chris Beniot and his familys murder suicide who lived in the Atlanta area but was a Canadian from somewhere in the Montreal area.
(pronounced Ben-wa)

Talking about what these steroids can do? Heres a guy who was making millions on the bigtime circuit and snapped on the juice. And BTW McMahon apologized for his bad timing idiot fake death stunt and came back to earth to announce on Mondays Raw about the very popular Benoits murder suicide of his family.

The funny thing is WWE stock on Wall St fell 10% when the idiot faked his death and falling more with Beniot as investors are scurrying.

No doubt McMahon feels and looks like a total fool for his immaturity on that and everything else. Weirdo is mild. With the Uncle George looking voodoo African guy spitting globs of nasty slime gook into the ring and on others its not only sick but filthy and unsanitary.

McMahons family was also an intitial suspect with the police since after he faked his death there were talks of retaliation hitmen so he came clean if only for the sake of being charged or investigated for potential murders.

America changing for the worse it seems. Standards are out the window. Hollywood running America.

Can we add more hates? Lets add the 50 million illegal scumbags coming here with their drunk drivers gangs and drugs raping taxpayers and schools and then lets add gay marriage that is ludicris. Joe Paterno said never give up an inch unless you prepared to lose a mile.

And we think all race cars including Indy NASCAR and dragsters need to get off the steriod nitro or other rocket fuels. Make them all use regular gas at $3 bucks or more a gallon doubled thanks to the biggest crook idiot dumbass of all in WH named Bush.



Here's my top 10.


Very nice!


As a male and an old one at that, I just had to respond to Flutter's post.Ever wrnoeded why many equine sports have more female competitors than male?It's because our male anatomy does not lend itself well to being bounced around on the hard pommel of a saddle. I have ridden horses most of my life, played Polo and Polo-Crosse, done show jumping, cross-country and gymkhana in addition to herding cattle and just riding for fun. I have hurt myself in all of those.The number of times I have hurt myself enough to make my eyes water at a critical time in a Polo or Polo Crosse game when leaning out to get the ball is too many even to think about. On many of those occasions, it was because of being under pressure from a female rider who went on to get the ball because I was trying to recover my composure, balance and breath.I can think of many sports where women have no anatomical disadvantage to men, pistol & rifle shooting, archery, car racing & rallying, snooker, billiards, pool, tiddlywinks, just to name a few.So while you may not be able to whip it out in the outfield . Sometimes whipping it out in the outfield is just too obvious for comfort and squatting behind a convenient base might be a better option. Men frequently get fined for urinating in public, I can't recall hearing of a woman getting charged though.

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