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Rob, Terry's my mentor

Tom, you are a true original man, love your columns and you are a great guy in person too. Have a great vacation. BTW, personally, I love soccer, for me it is the intensity of the game.


i took your advice and decided to listen to White Stripes from the start....I listened to White Blood Cells last night....still like Elephant the best, though. If you get a chance read "Lonesome Dove" this summer....if you already have read "Dead Man's Walk".....if you already have read "Comanche Moon"....or anything by Robert Parker....


Hi Tom, I am a long time realistic soccer fan. Played in College, Coached and administered youth teams for $$ locally. I very much enjoy both you and Corn Bread on WFNZ. I very much appreciate your trying to enjoy the sport. It is what it is. I'm just wondering if I need couseling due to the fact that I enjoy listening to Cedric on the Radio ? I would recommend that you don't visit Brazil either. They don't drive as many SUV's as Charlotte but their sports media coverage mainly is Soccer. Even to us lifers its OVERKILL !! Enjoy your Vacation

David McKnight

"Stairway to Heaven" is a great rock anthem but also practically partakes of classical music. It's like Mendelssohn and Brahms decided to form a rock band in Hamburg or somewhere.

And, as an intermittently working musician, I can say that this L.Z. classic is on my all-time Top Ten of most requested violin and fiddle songs right along with "Pachelbel Canon in D," "Barney's Song," "Ashokan Farewell," the theme to "The Andy Griffith Show" and a certain wild epic by Charlie Daniels about a high-stakes one-on-one fiddle-playing matchup in Georgia.

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