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Flight of the Conchords is complete trash.


Kelly's opinion is trash.


I really haven't gotten into Big Love, though I've heard it's pretty good. I agree with Tom on how the last days of one of my favorites Six Feet Under. I did however liked how they ended the last show. Entourage is good not great. I'm really anticipating Curb Your Enthusiam. Larry David(Co-Creater of Seinfeld) has a knack for making fun of himself down pat. It also has a very good cast of characters. Also I look forward to Real Time with Bill Meyer. And not to just stay with HBO, I think people should check out Weeds on Showtime. It's about to start its third season. It's very funny. Last but not least, please check out Rescue Me with Dennis Leary of FX. It's one of those shows that's ground breaking.


Good call on Flight of the Conchords. My wife hates it, but its hilarious. Also looking forward to the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, although I thought last season was weak. Need to catch up on Entourage.

Will 2nd the nomination for Weeds. I'm pretty hooked on that and Showtime has the first 2 seasons on demand right now. Also enjoyed Dexter on Showtime. New season of that coming soon.

Miss Rome on HBO. Tudors on Showtime is good, but not as good.


Last night Entourage had to be one of the best ever though! That was a classic with the He/She! I disagree that Deadwood ever lost anything, the last season with the fight between Dan & the enemies big henchman was probably the best fight ever staged on film! How about that declaration? It was real, none of this standing around with your dukes up and punching each other like you see so often portrayed on tv fights! ;) The digging out the eyeball might have been extreme but I bet somewhere, sometime, that has happened! Ha! They were rumored to be going to wrap that show up with Two 2 hour movies but I know from an interview I saw with one of the actors that they haven't filmed it yet so that may mean its not happening!


I'm absolutely hooked on Big Love. Absolutely addictive drama. Looking forward to Curb. Don't know how many people got to see Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback but I thought it was histerical. Might have been the only one though since the show was cancelled after one season! Good to know I can check out Weeds on Showtime Demand.

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