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Glenda Thompson

Here we go again. Independece gets all the publicity. There's not a high school in Charlotte that couldn't win 7 state championships if they recruited all their players the way Independence does. The Observer and CMS continue to ignore that fact because you all love having a state championship team. Everybody knows Tom Knotts is a great coach. But let's see what he can do with kids who legitimately live in the Independence district for a change.

Big Fan

To I heard the Big I got a transfer #4 from South Meck that is so good that he is playing both ways. At Indy? If so, who is this kid and maybe he should be wearing #8. Can you look into this?

Big Fan


You are talking about Raquan Wooden. I watched him at practice and at a 7 on 7. This guy is amazing. I heard he is also a big track star. I heard he is playing offense and defense at INDY! Now that's a first. Is Coach holding out on his new secret weapon! With Chilsom, Carrothers and now Wooden, Indy is gonna rock this year! Why is this guy not all over Scout.Com Tom be the first to do a piece on this one. We want to know who he is.


To everyone who is "tired" of hearing about Indy. You want everyone to shut up about Indy? Then you're sorry school needs to go out and a)beat them b) win 108 in a row and 7 state titles or c)quit caring about what the charlotte press write about. Why do you care if they fall over Independence? Worry about your school and your team. I will tell you right now that they (IHS) do not care what is written about them or anyone else for that matter. Thet concern themselves with football and winning. Which is exactly what the other programs in the city, state, and nation need to do.

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