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Ambulance Chaser

OK Mr Tom "from the dark side" Sorenson. Eating hotdogs? Damn boy you hung up on this stuff eh?

BTW anyone ever told you look you look like a high school football coach or a NASCAR driver ? Missed your calling?
Maybe you were an athlete maybe not. Most sports writers were pinheads in school but liked sports so they become pencil pushers and now suck up after the game taking notes.
You look like a drunk too whose been around the block and been hung out to dry a few times too but nowhere near as bad as the idiot Bush.

So whats your athletic background? Who was the best alltime? Could Ali take a punch judging from today? Cobb best ever? Rose?
MJ greatest hooper ever? Marino best QB? Stabler?
Or was Foreman Holmes or Frazier best ever?
Nicholas best golfer? Woods overrated one shot novelty?
PManning #1 gridboy today?
Best alltime coach Bowden or Patero? Bryant?
Anybody else sick of the "Junior" hype? please .. Does anybody give a damn?
Pukiest song ever recorded Ebony and Ivory? Best Song AWB Cut The Cake? JBs Cold Sweat?
Best alltime album Floyds Dark Side?
Best actor CHeston? Best movie Planet of the Apes 1? Animal House?
Best comic Dangerfield?
Best city in America Tampa?
Alltime best football team '75 Steelers?
Anybody think that uglyass queen statue at the airport needs to be trashed? or all the other ugly queen statues too?
Tear down the 4 stupid looking statues on the square?
Anybody think we need a big 4 lane interstate to Myrtle Beach long overdue?

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