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Janet Kraft

I totally agree. Mike Minter has not only been a great football player, but he also is a solid man of quality character...something out society NEEDS to start honoring!


I am a Dog lover I have a dog...but to coment on your peace on "ranking atrocities" If you say people should Turn their back to people who fight dogs. Do you say the same thing when you go meet your new Father-n-law and You say "what did you do today dad" and He responds well I grabbed by shotgun and stalked a family of deer..with the mother and babies..and then Blew it's BRAINS OUT! for no reason and cut the head off and hung it on my Wall. What do you say..do you tell him he's short of a Sociopath? probably not because he's probably white. And don't give me the "it's legal" there are many things that were "legal" 50 to 200 years ago that were still VERY wrong. Is vick wrong? (yes) should it be a felony? No more than shoting a neighbors pet pig is. (which is a misdemeanor a man in catawba did a few weeks ago)


how has nobody metnioned peter playing around on that aircraft mounted gun early on in the video?they let him touch one of those things? don't they know that jilted lovers are especially likely to fly off the handle?/still hates Favre

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