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David McKnight


Where did Hank Aaron hit his home runs number 750 through 755? Of course, he was with then-American League Milwaukee for those last home run trots of his, but it would be interesting to compare these Aaron HR cities geographically with the places where Barry Bonds connected for his last six home runs.

Highway buffs should join in the review too. The best place to hit one's 751st home run would be in Durham (if it were in the big leagues), where highway N.C. 751 meanders through Central North Carolina.

And of course, do plan to be in Kansas City for your 752nd home run because Missouri highway 752 leads west to St. Joseph's and on to the Kansas state line, where it becomes Kansas 752.

Anybody have any favorite highways around the country with the numbers 753, 754, 755 or 756?

See ya at the next ballpark.


Can you guys get over Barry Bonds for a minute? He is great player that is breaking one of the greatest records ever!!!

The Old Maestro

I'm reading news accounts of Barry hitting number 756. A point of celebration for everyone there! But not for Bud Selig...and not for Hank Aaron, who "phoned in" a speech of congratulations. You know, considering how many people hated HIM for trying to break Babe Ruth's record, you'd think he'd show more support. As it is, sports history will depict him as more of a man too childish to see someone break his record. And Selig won't be remembered at all.

tom P

sorry The Old Maestro, I doubt thats how he will be remembered, as "a man too childish". i would not even have sent in the message. hank aaron was abused physically and emotionally the entire time he was chasing Ruths record, but he fought through with grit, determination, and god given talent. while bonds certainly has all 3 of those, he had the cream and the clear and whatever else he put into his once slender body that propelled him past hammerin hank. Bobby Bonds is rolling in his grave.

Michael Procton

Matter of fact, Maestro, I gained a TON of respect (more) for Aaron given his stance of the recent weeks and months. Lately, he had been coming off as a sad and bitter old man, and I think the delivery of his message was the right thing for him to do.

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