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Monty Shields

As a former sportswriter, now doing physical therapy in my late 40s, seeing Zep could be more important than all seven YES concerts I've seen. Then again, maybe not. Thanks for bringing sass and controversy to the sports media in Charlotte.


I was too young to see Zep in its heyday, but I saw Page & Plant a couple of times in the 90s (& Plant once solo in the 80s).

Man for man, the best rock band to ever walk the Earth.


Tom, I too put in for the lottery but not holding my breath. Couldn't agree more on your take of Zep. Saw them on their 1st trip to Charlotte in '72 and many times after that including the acoustic set you mentioned in Greensboro. You can't hide talent and they were all clearly the most talented at what they did. Zep is an icon along the lines of Elvis without question.

The reunion was planned as a 30 minute set but when they got into the rehearsal stage a few weeks ago they found that they could sustain a 2-hour concert and actually got along well enough. Reading between the lines brings a plausible concept that there will be a world tour with possibly 6 dates in the US in 2008. They are definitely playing together in 2008 at several venues in Europe for certain causes. We'll see. The Song Remains the Same.

David McKnight


Isn't it about time for the Observer's quadrenniel cricket report from England? You know, the newspaper needs to do occasional reports on sports of interest to some of our newcomers in the Carolinas, including folks from other countries.

Surely the business office will want to spring for a trip to London, say in the last week of November or so, so that you could update us on the cricket scene right there in the shadow of Big Ben.

Oh, and while you're over there, maybe you could take in the Led Zeppelin reunion concert for a special report: "Stairway to Late-Night Sports Deadlines."

And who knows, cricket may create a crowd of crooners in Cramerton.


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