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Carolina by only 3? Are you smoking crack??


Are you stupid or something? You got the Bengals by just 7 over Cleveland. Did you watch what the Bengal's defense did to the Ravens? Man, they must be giving jobs away at the observer.


WOW, to the above posters...

looking back on Sunday you both are IDIOTS...

1. @OG Peezy.... i think you are the one that is smoking crack.... Carolina has been lousy at home openers (home games period...) the past several seasons, i knew they would lose by at least 7 points, but i did not think they would play as bad as they actually did...
they better rebound in ATL and win by at least 7 or more points...

2. @JonnyB i saw the game bengals vs Ravens... and wow just about any team can do that to the ravens offense ('cept the Chad Pennington-less Jets)... ravens Offense is horrible dont you realise that bill Billick is a Defensive minded coach?
...that was a good game though with Cleveland winning... ienjoyed that very much....

just want to add that I hate Mike Shanahan and the denver broncos... i am no oakland fan (go Panthers/ Go Steelers!) but seriously.. Oakland got ROBBED in that game..

as far as the pics you did worse than last week.. i count 10-6 in correct winners/losers only, but much worse if you count the points...(8-8?)

cant wait for next weeks pics!

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