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Patrick Terry


So I figured out how to catch up on the blogs.

Go to the last one on the page and click on it. You will then be able to navigate to the previous ones.

This is not fair. It should be easier... but hey, at least I didn't make the bone-headed idea of doing 24 in a day.

BTW, are you supposed to be doing one an hour or are you just doing 24 all day?

If you are doing one an hour, you cheated.


Scotty Olson

hahah Yes! Stan is still awake!

-Scotty Olson

stan olson

Tom, if you need me to MC the 48 blogs in 24 hours, you know I'm there for you. All you gotta do is supply the Bailey's...And as I remember, you were pretty darn good at Picasso's; maybe we should skip the 48 and head straight over there...

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