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So Angry

Tom pissed me off so bad that I am going upstairs to tell my Mom.

So Angry

Tom pissed me off so bad that I am going upstairs to tell my Mom.


Tom pissed me off so bad I'm going upstairs to have sex with his mom. Sure she is old but without her teeth she is amazing!!!


Tom, you suck.

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omg such manners in Charlotte!

A lot of people feel safe typing behind a computer. I bet they would never say the things they type!


I would say whatever I felt to someones face especially Toms. Of course I'm 6'3" 225 and a brown belt in Ju Jitsu!


Wow...a brown belt. I've got a black and brown belt...in fact I if I ever want to change the color all I have to do is rotate the buckle.....by the way, I am also 225, however I am only 4'3"....what I lack in strength I make up for in speed and overall dexterity.

james good

Tom, you have to understand that smack talking in some circles is just a form of humor...I laugh at everyone who gets their back up over the notorious Will...a very funny guy...He has his tongue firmly in cheek and loves to let it roll like a good insult comic should....He only has power over you if you don't get the spirit of razzing trueblues about their team....I think the Panthers will go 10 and 6 and that VT will have some good games while Carr is getting his vertibrae replaced with plastic tubing...Will will tell me that I suck......life is good


You forgot to say "jealous","spoiled 27 year olds! I would extend that just a bit further in age. But there is a group that think they not only own the Panthers but they are the coach and manager and with that said if they had their way, everyone would be fired and there would be no team. Its always win or I am taking my ball and going home to moms basement. Or maybe they are ticked off cause Mom kicked them out.

Are too many Panthers fans very ignorant of the NFL? Do they think this is High School football? How about college? Do they have no clue?

No--they have no clue about life let alone football and their only interest is bragging rights.

Most of all I would love to see those big negative mouths down there on that field with the Panthers playing against them.


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How do you do...
The Author, you - genius...
I Will be back!

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