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Dennis B. Cooper

I am still alive and well, living in Myrtle Beach, SC.
P.S. I blew all of the money on whacky golf.


The resemblance is uncanny! Where'd you hide your share of the money? Ex-wife get it too? They always do don't they?
You go DB Sorensen! Fly like an eagle.

Pete Van Lieu

Interesting story, but you're still a fatheaded clowny-ass douchebag.

$$ G-MONEY $$

Why have you given yourself those nicknames? You aren't D.B., you just think you might be related to him. Thats like a guy being related to Michael Jordan down the line somewhere and thinking that he has the right to be called MJ. You don't. Those nicknames are stupid, Coop.

You suck.

Suck Off

Sorensen is a fucking idiot. Does anybody know what this crackhead is even talking about half the time? We suggest you get a real job. These newspaper people or half ass ones like him whose brain is fried from too much booze makes zero sense. Of course they are all from the same mold as in fungus.

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